The Thing About Life, Nobody Ever Tells You

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2018)

“And they lived happily ever after.” – This is the biggest lie you ever heard (or one of them).

From fairytales to fantasies, we’re all conditioned to believe that life is all about perfection.

The perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect wife, the perfect home.

But life is anything but perfect.

Perfection is just our excuse. It’s a mask we wear ‘cos we can’t appreciate reality.

Reality is that life is a journey towards something better.

A brighter tomorrow.

A better job.

A happier relationship.

It all looks good on the outside.

“What are you doing these days?”

“Well, trying to work hard, saving up for that vacation.”

‘Cos again, it’s your excuse for not accepting the truth.

The truth is that, it’s never going to be perfect. It’s unreal. It’s illogical. Life is never perfect.

Our intelligence tricks us to believe that one day it’s going to be perfect. Nope.

But then, why am I being pessimistic you ask.

No, I’m not being pessimistic.

I’m saying that you need to learn to experience the joy of today, rather than wait for the possibilities of tomorrow.

Trying for something better is fine. That’s how we’re all are wired.

But…. while doing that, don’t forget to enjoy what you’ve got today.

Working hard to save up to that vacation? Fine. But don’t forget to talk to your friends today.

The truth is that you will be disappointed once you get there.

It’s how we are built.

Once your dream vacation is over, you’d want to go to the next one. And yes, you should.

But don’t forget to experience today.

With this thought in mind, I want to share with you few truths that you will realize in life, at some point of time.

All of us know them, but nobody really talks about them.

Here goes.

1. You are going to die one of these days.

May be you’ll get a few more years, or months. But that’s about it.

There’s only so much we can do in this limited time.

Why not make the best of it and let others enjoy it as well?

Make use of your time.

2. You are going to be alone. Deal with it.

May be not now but later.

May be not physically but learn to deal with solitude or better yet, celebrate it.

It’s going to come in handy.

3. You are responsible for your sufferings.

May be not directly but otherwise too.

You let them happen to you. You chose not to do something about it.

Not trying to accuse you but the reality is that there’s always something that’s possible.

We just don’t know it, when we’re trapped in the situation.

4. Everything will change.

Your body. People around you. Things.

Everything will change.

Your problems? They’ll change too.

Do something about them now.

5. There’s nothing time can’t heal.

Time is the best healer there is.

Just give yourself enough time.

It may not be easy, but life has it’s way around things.

6. Love isn’t everything.

There’s too much hype about love being the universal truth and stuff.

Honestly, it might be. But in order to perceive it the way it is intended to, you and me need to have a brain and temperament of a monk. We are silly city folks, selfish and stupid.

Love is a drug for us. It can heal us one time, and pain us another time.

Don’t expect too much from it.

7. Nobody cares about you.

They’ll judge you left and right, but nobody has the time to care or really mean it for you.

They’ll say things about you. But then they’ll move on. ‘Cos they have their lives to deal with. Y

ou are only as important to them as their spare time permits.

8. The happier you are with yourself, the more friends you’ll have.

Pay attention. I said “with yourself”. You can appear to be happy in many ways to your friends.

But what matters is inside you.

Are you really happy? Can you be happy when no one’s around? It’s ironic, but that’s when you’ll attract more friends.

9. Soulmates doesn’t exist. Period.

It’s the movies and the stories you read. They don’t exist. They might appear to, for a brief time.

But then, differences has to occur. Learn to deal with it.

10. Your perception is not reality.

There’s a reason why people say “everything sucks”. Have you heard anyone say “Somethings suck, some don’t.”? Nope.

When things go beyond your control, it will appear that everything is going the wrong way.

It’s your mind. Your intelligence trying to “jump start” you.

Not the reality.

11. Lower your expectations, the better you will be.

“How could he cheat on me?”

“Why didn’t she stand up for me?”

“How could she walk away on me?”

You see the pattern? When things are good, we all raise our expectations.

And things fall apart and we can’t deal with it.

Change it.

12. Got problems? Do something about it.

Sometimes, you are your best Doctor.

We’re all so conditioned to believe that it’s somebody’s job to help us. Of course, when you need help, you need help.

But there’s stuff you can do. Sometimes by taking the right decision at the right time.

Most of the times, we’re all too proud to even accept that we have a problem, forget finding a solution.

Do something about what you’re dealing with. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

Take Away

This article is no way trying to pull you down. Just trying to share with you some harsh realities of life that we often don’t talk about.

I think we should.

In the pursuit of a perfect life, we all forget how amazing this not-so-perfect life is.

Nothing in life and in the existence is perfect, as we define it.

But in all these chaos and imperfections, there’s symmetry and harmony if you look closely.

From the cosmos to the ants lining up around that bread crumb on the floor, there’s beauty.

Be a part of it. It’ll take care of the rest, by itself.