Pranav Mistry – Love this guy for his genius and humility !

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2014)

When I say “I love India”, its not just because for the reason I was born here. But for the reason that I love its talents and resources. India is an package of surprises, every single time, and considering the talent pool it has, its just overwhelming how much we’re gifted with (and sometimes even disturbing to know that we’ve not been able to utilize it all)

I came to know about Pranav Mistry via the TED forums and I’m so glad I did. This young man is the epitome of inspiration to many youth, worldwide Indians and others for that matter. To me, what’s more attractive than anything else is his humility and passion. He’s the man behind the “Sixth Sense Device” and here are a few TED video which are “must sees”.

Wish him all the best.

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