Preparing for a world without Facebook.

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2012)

So, I got into an argument the other day with a friend. “You’re so much into this thing man, take a break” he said. In his perspective I was this corrupted individual who spent way too much unproductive time on Facebook. And it made no sense. Why? He’d ask.

I pondered way too much to get him a convincing answer but failed. Drew a blank. Fell flat. Right on the face.

“Know what? May be he is right.” I said to myself.

Why spent so much time on Facebook? Truth is that, I never bothered to ask myself. It is like that thing you do, when you like it. I loved it and kept doing it. Never bothered to look back. Until now.

“What if it vanished one day?” My friend asked his second question.

“What? Facebook? No way, dude!” I replied, in a very shaky, doubtful voice.

Towards the end of my reply, for a second, I believed it could be true.

What if Facebook really pulled the plug? What would happen to millions of people, when they wake up from their bed, grab the laptop or the iPhone and get repeated login errors on their apps?

It would most likely result in a new psychological disorder that the world had never seen.

“So”, I thought to myself. May be I should start preparing for the worse. Like the zombie apocalypse they keep making memes of. Oh! How ironic!

Water a plant.

I’ve always wanted to do it. As a matter of fact, my neighbor has a cute little balcony garden, I have to walk by every day. Walking past it, seeing the small little tomatoes growing out of the milk can, I felt proud of her and saluted her(in my mind that is). “Someday” I said to myself.

But if Facebook is no more, I’ll start one myself. At least, one plant for starters, in a cut-open milk can just like my neighbor.

Make friends with the guy on the road.

Pretty sure this is going to be a risky task. Most likely, I’d end up with bad experiences, but nevertheless its worth a try. People are not going to come to me with “friend requests” so this is going to be a slow and steady process, I know.

Read more books.

So, my wife always makes it a point to get me a book whenever she visits the library. Though I love reading, I’ve got an aversion with thick books. Probably because I’m impatient but that is something I need to work out.

This is more likely going to be a wise decision, because one thing is for sure. Even if the whole Internet is unplugged, I wouldn’t have to cope up with severe withdrawal symptoms, for there are going to be enough books in the world for one to get his/her hands on. It is sure going to take a lot of time for someone to burn it all down.

Learn cooking.

Another something that I’ve never managed to invest more time in. Cooking is an art and I’ve always admired good food. I don’t mean star chefs but regular folks who accomplish simple new things, new flavors and recipes. I’d like to learn a dish or two or even more. And even host a party with home cooked food, someday.

As it looks now, with my skills, it’s a really bad idea. But if I’m to use my “Facebook time” for something worthwhile, cooking is definitely on the top of the list.

Hmm…now that you think about it. Its getting tough to actually think of a non-facebook world. Tougher to think of alternatives, even.

What would you do?