The One Habit That Helped Me Become More Productive Than Last Year

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2019)

I’ll be honest. I was never a morning person.

In school, in college, I used to be a night owl. Either wiling away time doing random things or working/studying my ass off later nights.

Later on in life, I figured that it’s negatively affecting me.

I’d be tired all day. Missing all the things in the morning. Late breakfast meant a weak body, etc.

Ever since I moved to the US, I changed my game. I started waking up early, thanks to the jet lag.

Dealing with jetlag was sickening at first. I could not get enough sleep and I was feeling tired all day.

But slowly, I started to get used to it. And while at it, I started to take advantage of it.

Since I couldn’t get enough sleep, I would wake up early in the morning.

So then I thought, let it be. I’m gonna try waking up early. And slowly, it stuck to me.

Even today, I haven’t been able to be consistent at it though.

For those of you who don’t know. Consistency is something I’ve been always working on. So, this is one of the things I haven’t been consistent, as much as I want to.

But I started enjoying waking up thoroughly and are seeing the benefits of it.

Benefits of waking up early

So, what are the benefits, if any…

You feel fresh and new

Well, some argue that this could be a placebo effect. Let it be.

What matters is that you actually feel fresh and new.

Perhaps it’s that morning breeze.

Maybe it’s the silent vibes in the morning.

Whatever it is, waking up morning makes me feel fresh and new, like a well-oiled engine and I’m like, “bring it on”.

You are ahead of others

Well, not everyone.

But you are definitely ahead of everyone else who is sleeping.

And you have all the time to either slack around or plan your day.

Or perhaps do a lot of thinking. Your choice.

You get to plan your day

I choose planning.

I plan my day, not to make it work, but just for the heck of it.

I usually don’t get to finish all the things I planned.

But it feels good when you write all the things you gotta do in a day.

It’s like you’re in control.

There’s a reason why planning helps.

Not because it immediately makes you a superman and make everything you plan,

work out… but because it puts you in control and gives you a direction.

You will likely do only 50% of what you planned, but hey… that’s great, isn’t it?

Your body thanks you

If your body could talk, it will thank you.

You most definitely will feel better in the mind and body.

No more tiredness, no more yawning.

Somehow, things align and your body will start feeling A-Okay! 🙂

Hey, but it might not work for you

Don’t get me wrong but waking up early is not a one-size-fits-all strategy/tactic. (Source – BBC)

It sure did work for me. It felt great. I got to do a lot more whenever I wake up early and my body feels great.

But, like everything, there is no black and white. It might work for me, but it might not work for you. You might be a night owl.

There are many successful people who are night owls and does not wake up early.

I was a night owl in my past. It worked then, but I had to change as it was starting to negatively affect me.

I’ve read back in the old days that A R Rahman (an inspiration to me) works during the night.

But lately, I came to know that even though he works in the night, he wakes up early in the morning for his prayers. (Source – TOI)

So, I guess it’s up to one to decide what works for him/her.

Waking up in the morning definitely has its benefits but hey, it may not for everyone.

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