Punjab Grill Review: Authentic Punjabi Cuisine in Kochi

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)

So, the other day, I visited the new Punjabi Grill restaurant that opened at Lulu Mall, Kochi.

You know, the one on the second floor, next to Hamley’s and stuff.

On the first look, it looked very upscale and polished, with lot of space inside and amazing decor. Everything was in deep black and gold! Nice taste right there.

I was greeted well as I entered and the floor manager Mr.Arun took me to a nice cozy seat. I preferred one where I’d not be in too much limelight and so he obliged. First thing that struck me – super-courteous staff! Always smiling and beside you to help.

As I sat down, I basically sunk in to the glory of black and gold and shimmering lights over me. Ah! What a feeling. I realized I could hear the sizzling from the kitchen. I was sitting very close to it and there was a see through window between me and the chefs team.

I had already liked this place and the ambience. Just what you need for fine dining.

Almost forgot. The menu was in front of me. And I gotta tell you, it was probably the most exciting menu I’ve read in recent times. Wait, let the pics do the talking. Here goes…

A little about the place itself. I felt the staff was aligned with this mission.

Too much stuff on my plate.

The “shot” that finishes off things at peak. Must have.

Overall it was a great fine dining experience. I was honestly quite surprised by the extensive menu. Quite a learning experience!

If you’re in Kochi, don’t forget to check into Punjabi Grill at Lulu Mall Edapally.