Saina Nehwal – There’s something with this girl

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2008)

Now that Sania has lost her charm, there got to be someone to take over. And there are all possibilities that it could be this girl than anyone else – Saina Nehwal.
And Beijing Olympics could be a platform for her. With her new “electrifying” performance at yesterdays Badminton game (did you see that?) I’m sure you’d ditch Sania to Saina (if you ever were Sania’s fan that is).
She won over a Russian player (can’t remember the name) and in all her strokes the “future star” style was engraved. I think this is an excellent opportunity for India in the Beijing olympics. Now that our shooting hopes have fainted, I’m glad to see this star rising.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always seen “unknown players” rise and shine in Olympics from India. There was Mr. Rathore and Mr. Rane who won accolades for us. There was Anju Bobby who was again unheard of before her wins. (No expert data here, so excuse me.)

So I shouldn’t be surprised to see Saina Nehwal come up this time and shine her way through to Indias masses. Okay, now, I think you must be guessing that I’m head over heels for this girl…Not really. But honestly, this girl has all the star power and “charisma” for a crowd puller. Check out some pics of Saina..and I’ll bet you’ll agree with me.

Saina Nehwal pic

Hell, forget all that, check out her track record – Impressive!