What happens to your online data after you’ve gone?

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2015)

So, imagine you have all your data stored in GMail – your documents, bank details, accounts etc and you get into an unfortunate event like an accident where you are not able to access your account. You want to share the important information you shared with your spouse,  partner or family member. How do you do it? Here’s how.

When you get into an unfortunate event, ideally, all the information you want to share from your GMail account should automatically be available for your partner but in case you are not available to do so, you can make Google do so.

So, let’s say you are hospitalized and are in a comma or something (Sorry, just thinking loud here). There is a good amount of time your account will be inactive. In such a situation, you can set rules so that GMail will automatically share the important information you have stored to your partner/spouse/family.

Here’s how.

Go to Google Data Tools here.

Click on “Set Up Inactive Account Manager”


Notify contacts and share data

Add up to 10 trusted friends or family members who should be notified that your account is inactive. You can also share data with them if you like.


Then click on “Add trusted contact” and enter the email of your trusted partner.

You can also choose whether to share the data from various Google products with this contact.


Next up, decide which data from Google products you want to share with the contact. Also, select the phone number of the contact to share information with.


Then, type in an email that will be sent to the contact after the time out period. This email will have all the information to access your data for the contact.


Ensure that you have set your Time Out period. The period of inactivity after which your data will be shared with your trusted contact.


Click “Enable” and you’re done. (You might have to verify your mobile number before this step, depending on whether you’ve done it earlier or not.)

That’s it. So, now when you don’t access Gmail for 6 months (or whatever your Timeout period is), all your data that you choose to share will be shared with your trusted contact.

This way, in any unfortunate event, none of your important information is lost and is shared with your trusted contact/contacts.