Should you use Google AdSense ads on your site or not?

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2015)

A question many people are confused about. Right?

Google AdSense seems to be the most popular “online monetization” tool available today on the Internet and for Indians…..we love AdSense!

To be honest, my opinions on AdSense isn’t very comfy. It’s a fact that I use it on many of my blogs, and probably that’s the only reliable, working option for bloggers from India, when it comes to getting paid for blogging.

But the whole “Add AdSense and start getting money” is more a hype than fact.
The reasons are many.

– AdSense is probably the easiest setup you can have to put your blog on “make money” mode.
– Once it is set up, bloggers highly rely on it.
– There is some calculation that goes behind AdSense, which many ignores because it’s confusing.
– Many bloggers try it just because they “heard” that someone is making money from it. Like Amit Agarwal?

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Why AdSense won’t work?
AdSense works well ONLY for high traffic websites.
AdSense WILL NOT work well on regional blogs because, it relies on gathering information from the blogs, and throwing up ads corresponding to that content.
Ex: – If you blog on “Ice cakes”, AdSense might throw ads on “Confectionaries and Bakeries” (provided they have advertisers in that domain).
From my experience I’ve found that if you use regional content, the only kind of ads that’ll show up are “Hotels and Vacations”, “Kerala Real Estate ads”, and the generic ads. These ads of extremely low payout. That is if someone clicks on it, you’ll probably get around 10 cents. While, for certain ads like “Real Estate Ohio”, you may get 2 dollars for a click.

AdSense caters best to search engine traffic, not regular readers who reads a short story blog.
This is how it works. (Some top technology blogs in the country who boasts of high payouts from AdSense works the same way)

People searching for information on the search engines like Google ==> Finds the blog from the title ==> Drops there and looks for information ==> May or maynot find information, but also finds relevant ads, which are clicked ==> Author gets paid.

So basically, these blogs write content that are searched mostly on the search engines like Google. So they can get hold of the search engine traffic.

Now, there is also a strategy that can be employed here. Write attractive titles, so that people searching for information on the search engines click on your site and land there. But regarding information, keep t limited. That is, don’t give all the information possible on the blog, so that people who are looking for information will also notice the ads and click on them.

This cannot work with regional blogs unless they write content that is search engine friendly.

AdSense also is a bad choice for monetization because, you are relying on just one option for money. If that source shuts off, you are doomed.

I’m pretty much convinced that AdSense won’t work on this blog of mine, because the content is not “tailored’ for AdSense. And I have no interest in monetizing this blog, in the first place. Let it remain plain, simple and cool as always. 😀
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  • Interesting. Affiliate post alright. More people should start making MFAs and start making loads of money, esp in India. I guess there are some already..

  • Great karthik,
    actually i donno how.. but google saw some anornal clicks on my account and banned adsense 🙂 actually i feel that is for my good.. ha ha ha ha.. atleast am not using one(oops 2 – adwords) service from google 🙂

    hei i am using all other services from blogger to webmaster.. from analytics to google apps.. phew! My mail servers are in apps 🙂

    (did i forgot to mentin Gmail and googlesearch?)