Slumdog Millionaire – Sounds great !

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2008)

This one’s clearly a winner ! The movie now going in for Oscar nominations and all the hype it’s gathered up along with it, you know.

There are a few things that will easily help you identify “quality” movies. And I can’t think of any good reason to think this one’s otherwise.

A great director, a story with soul, great piece of music, and a big heart. All the reviews so far heard on Slumdog Milionaire are hugely encouraging.

The music is outstanding with performance by M.I.A and A.R. Rahman (Music Director). It’s not the traditional bollywood style music but more aligned towards the story.

Reviews also suggest that the actors (Dev Patel) performance is very promising and some even say he’s the next big thing.

I’m waiting for the release here in India, rumored to be around the time Oscars nominations are open.