So, I took a stab at Twitter Promoted Tweets: Here’s the result!

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2012)

So, last month, Twitter sent out this email to many asking them to try promoted tweets. I gave it a try.

A credit of $100 was thrown in, so I used it.

Now, personally I think promoted Tweets works best for known brands or brands that have something unique to say. I thought I should promote my personal account and see if it can get any traction. Did I have anything unique to promote? Hmm.. I think I didn’t, so it was really a gamble. Experiments are always fun, isn’t it?

So, this trial thing went on for a month starting Oct 16 – Nov 16th, 2012 and here are the results.


3K impressions and 21 New followers for $8! That is dirt cheap.


There are services that offer paid followers on Twitter, which I personally think is crap. (Some folks even big companies, try it out of frustration.) Because there is no value for a new follower. He blindly follows you because you pay him.

In Twitter’s promoted tweet case, it is different. Those 21 folks who followed me were real Twitter users, who saw some value in following me. If you think that way, 21 followers for $8 is better value.

But is this a scalable option?

If personal accounts like mine can this much of traction, I think brands that has great value to offer via their content can easily get more genuine followers. It all depends on what value you are delivering via your channel and how consistent you are.

I’ve seen some top brands even catching up to new followers on the first day. Strategies like that might make a big impact.

I’m not going to jump into any conclusion here, taking into consideration the fragile behavior of the experiment. But I do see value in Twitter promoted Tweets.