So you got an iPhone 5. What’s the big deal?

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

Straight to the point. This is my first owned iPhone – and I love it. But no, I’m not jumping around.

iPhone 5 is pretty much an amazing device, so perfect that I almost wished if it was imperfect. ‘Cos I have this aversion to perfect things in life. They are so aggressive, so fake and so pumped up, I feel bad.


iPhone 5, like all other Apple family products is just too sharp and perfect. I’ve never been a fan boy. Having had friends who raved about Apple products, I kinda understand where they come from. And I always joined them in their excitement, awaiting the next big thing. I stood along side of them not as a fan boy but as someone who liked the technology, not the fanatic “Apple products are awesome, everything else is crap” kind of thinking. In fact, I’m still an Android fan – saying that brings a smile on my face, see!

But iPhones are awesome and iPhone 5 is the epitome of perfection. So much that I think I’ve developed an OCD cleaning the screen every now and then. I hate that, but I have to do it.

What I love about the iPhone is that it is useful in so many ways. I see a steep increase in my productivity. (Inbox is empty now, better organized.) Of course, I think how an iPhone helps you in your life is all about how you make out of it. I use couple of social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest and the like. (Sorry no Google+) and keep away from stuff like Groupons and Lifestyle apps. I listen to a lot of podcast and have absolutely no music in the iTunes library.

Coming back to the point, although this is my first owned iPhone, I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything great. Nor do I believe that it will make my life better. It might make my life easier – but that’s a different thing. Remember, it’s a perfect thing – and I’m all about imperfection and imperfect things.

Bottom line, iPhone is cool. But nothing to be proud of. But I love Android for its imperfect and its open. (Oh! I took that photo on my Samsung Galaxy Tab!)