Daily stuff

Softwares I use daily and can’t possibly avoid

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2009)

Just like that !

On windows

  1. Adobe Photoshop – For all the image trimming for blogging.
  2. Firefox Browser – Browsing without firefox ? Difficult.
  3. Windows Live Writer – The one place blogging hub. Miss it on mac.
  4. Winamp – For music.
  5. Tweetdeck – For tweeting.
  6. Notepad – For quick notes.
  7. Skype – For calls.

On Mac

  1. Ecto – instead of Windows live writer.
  2. Firefox – browsing.
  3. Adium – Chat.
  4. Skype – For calls.
  5. Taco HTML Editor – For coding.
  6. iWork – For all the snazzy presentations.
  7. Open Office – For all the boring documentation.
  8. Flickr Uploader – For uploading photos from the desktop.

Web Apps

  1. Google docs – For sharing files and office documentation.
  2. Google calendar – For scheduling events.
  3. Google reader – For subscribing to sites.

The Obvious ones

  1. Gmail
  2. Quick Notes
  3. iTunes

End of list.

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