Solar Eclipse on Aug 1, 2008

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2008)

Just learned that there’s a total solar eclipse happening on August 1 of this year and it’s kinda dangerous! (That’s what Headlines Today told, but they hype things too much so…)

Pic courtesy – Salagram
The last time I remember there was an eclipse (don’t remember if it was lunar or solar) I was in college I guess, there was again a huge hype around how to watch it with your naked eye.
Still remember how people made funny sun glasses (or were they given from the Govt? No clue)..and some people even said you can see the reflection on “Gobar water” (Which is a mixture of cow dung in water). Sounds silly, but I hope you’ll excuse my ignorance in this area.

In India, I still hear people associating bad omen with eclipses. Interesting, is it not? I’ve heard my folks say that the countries that the eclipse is on will face severe evil, shortly. Now, could this be linked to Jucelino’s predictions? He says, there’ll be a massive earthquake in Sep, 2008.

Anyhow, the August 1 eclipse will be seen for around 2 minutes, but here in India it will be a partial one. The best view is from China, Russia, Mongolia and Canada.
NatGeo has a detail and clear report on this. Check out.