5 Inspirational Lessons You Can Learn from SRKs Life

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2019)

There is no denying that King Khan is the biggest and possibly richest superstar of Bollywood and has carved his way to success with his hard work, dedication and charming personality. In 2016, Shah Rukh Khan went on to become the highest paid actor of the Indian film industry and the 8th highest paid actor in the world. As of 2019, his net worth is estimated at around $600 million, says an article on Wealthy Gorilla. However, this level of success wasn’t achieved overnight.

As they say, successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently. So, what can we learn from SRK that can help us achieve success too?

Things You can Learn from Shah Rukh Khan

The Badshah of Bollywood is humble, well read and a gentleman, who never misses a chance to show off his wit and sarcastic sense of humour. Here are 10 lessons to learn from him. 

Nothing Can Substitute Hard Work

The one religion that every single individual must follow and that is hard work. SRK doesn’t come from an established Bollywood family, unlike most celebs in the film industry today. And, despite his phenomenal success, he still never backs off from proving himself to the industry and the world till date. Therefore, dream big and work towards it. There are no short cuts. Only persistence and hard work will get you there. 

Be a Giver Rather Than a Taker

SRK is known globally for his charity work and his willingness to work for social issues, including education and poverty. For instance, in 2011, during the premiere of his move, Ra. One, SRK hosted a high profile dinner and charity auction that collected approximately $8,200 for building workshops for special children. The takeaway from this is that it isn’t only about your personal success but also what you give  back to the society that people respect you for.

Failure is Not the End of Life

Failure, downfall and disgrace – all are a temporary part of life. The first few films that Shah Rukh Khan did were not too successful but he didn’t give up and was later blessed with blockbusters like Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Failure should be look at as the staircase to success. When you take it positively and learn from it, you come out of failure as a better and more capable individual.

Dream Big

It is important to have a dream. But just having a dream isn’t enough. You also need to have an action plan that you persevere at to turn your dream into reality. When you are passionate about something, believe in yourself to achieve it. SRK believes that one must stand by what they believe in. Respect your dreams and be loyal to them, no matter what people say. Never stop dreaming.

Love Your Family

Give equal attention to your personal and professional lives. SRK has always excelled at being a good father and a great husband, which shows in his social media posts. He never puts his family in the backseat. We must learn from him how to maintain a perfect balance between work and home. When at home, focus on your family and when at work, give your all.

Life leaves us happy and disappointed at regular intervals. We can never predict the highs and lows. But taking inspirations from role models can help us get a clear vision and achieve all that we aim for.