Subramaniyapuram – Must watch

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2008)

I’m not best at writing movie reviews but this one, I’d never want to miss out.
Wonderful – is the word to describe it, true in all senses. An excellent and apt cast, very original yet enjoyable portrayal of life, an excellent story, brilliant performance by the lead actor Jay and some very enjoyable music is the main attraction for the movie.

Out of the recent movies in Tamil, excluding all the formula numbers and masala items, I had enjoyed Anjjathey and Kadavul, which were all part of the “no frills – no nonsense” wave of new Tamil cinema and was quite impressed by the new perspective and the new talents that were brought out through them. In fact, Anjaathey was so impressive that I thought there was no other regional movie that inspired me like it in recent times. But subramaniyapuram is way better than Anjaathey.

Jay – the lead actor is wonderful. Just take the two mins stint towards the last where he dies is enough to explain his potential. Marvellous performace.

Don’t go for my words, but please watch the movie, if you enjoy “realistic” movies. I’ll bet that this one won’t bore you but linger in your thoughts even after you leave the cinema hall.