Sunny Leone was Indian Origin? Damn you media for hiding the truth

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

I never bothered to watch BigBoss…did I spell that right? I recall the promos had an extra S or something, like they believed in numerology. Well, the point is, I’ve heard and read about BigBoss recently at many places these days. Its on every damn magazine. Some Swami was put in to the bitchfest, then a Hijra, all in the name of TRP. I mean, though I didn’t watch this thing, I’m sure the guys behind this thing are amazing brains. Like they know what your strangest fantasies are. Endemol – as far as I know.

And now I hear that they’re putting a porn actress to the game. Sunny Leone. We’ve heard this name at the circles but never knew she was Indian origin. Blame our media. Let the skies fall down on them for hiding the truth from us.

Whatever happened to investigative journalism and everything, but thanks to Endemol and Big Boss for revealing the truth to the people. Now, like Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra, we’ll have another Indian to be proud about.

Question to Sunny Leonne – Next step? Bollywood?