Here’s why your Facebook feed sucks


Seeing updates from people you don’t even know? You’re not alone. Facebook had several algorithm updates (stuff by which it figures out what you like and don’t) over the last couple of months and apparently, things have become worse than getting better, at least for most of us. But it’s not entirely Facebook’s fault, you can fix it yourself with these little smart...

What the f**k are you doing on Facebook?


There are two kinds of people in the world today. The ones who’re facebook addicted, and the one’s who’re uncool. Now, don’t argue about the addiction part. 99% of facebook users don’t accept that they’re addicted. Because it’s a fact, and facts always irk people. If you’re on Facebook, you’re an addict. You might fall into one of the categories though. Mild, Casual, Strong & Painful. Some...