Punjab Grill Review: Authentic Punjabi Cuisine in Kochi


So, the other day, I visited the new Punjabi Grill restaurant that opened at Lulu Mall, Kochi. You know, the one on the second floor, next to Hamley’s and stuff. On the first look, it looked very upscale and polished, with lot of space inside and amazing decor. Everything was in deep black and gold! Nice taste right there. I was greeted well as I entered and the floor manager Mr.Arun took...

Why I chose the Innova Crysta over Tata Hexa


So, one of the things that kept slipping down my to-do list is travel. It might sound surprising because even though I’ve been traveling between US and India, and within US, I feel guilty for not traveling within India. Be it Yosemite or Vegas, everywhere I go, deep down I feel the guilt. Should’ve traveled more within India. So in 2018, as part of starting up more operations in India...