The 4 types of idiots you’ll come across daily

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2012)

In all probability, I’m an idiot. So might be your friend who shared this. But we would only know if someone else wrote a blog post like this, or shared it with me. So, to all idiots out there – cheers!

For some reason, now that I think about it, idiots, I think, are clever. They pretend to be idiots and make you one. Here are the four types of idiots I’ve come across in daily life ( what ever that means), not in any sorted order, though.

Furiously patriotic folks

These are the folks who cheer for their team and look at the other side with fierce rage in their eyes. These are the folks who proudly say things like “We rule”, “We’re the best” or vaguely similar bullshit.

I mean I understand patriotism. Being patriotic is one, and being ignorant assuming that your folks are different in any way, superior or otherwise, to someone else, is another.

You were born to a race or country or state by pure luck or random lottery, not by choice. And there is nothing there to be proud about. Try being proud for something you’ve done to help someone else on this planet – for starters.

People just too perfect

Too perfect is plastic. Organic stuff is never perfect. Genuine feelings aren’t plastic. Success isn’t a straight line(huh?).

Perfection, in reality is a skewed version of one single plane. It ignores other virtues, thoughts, feelings and randomness. Hell, there is nothing random or fun about being too perfect.

All you’ve got is a one sided, bloated entity, that is insecure towards any play. People too perfect, is far from fun. So predictable and un-balanced.

Self Marketers

We all do market ourselves. Some folks do it aggressively, some folks think they’re doing it, but they don’t. Some folks do it so clever that you wouldn’t even realize it and some folks will blatantly do it without admitting that they’re doing it.

I love to observe them and just let them be. Let them take the stage and do all their tricks, while you sit there quietly and do nothing but watch. Encourage, a little may be, but the fun is when there are no more tricks. That awkward moment – where you walk off.

Drama over, point made.

Too Intelligent to do anything

We see them everyday on Facebook and Twitter. These folks are the ones who’re very intelligent that they do not allow themselves to do anything constructively, lest they should make their hands dirty.

Blame the system, ridicule the status-quo – that’s the limit. Given a chance, they’ll slither away from practical inconveniences. But advice ? For sure, they’d give it away, for they don’t need it themselves.

What are the other kind of idiots you’ve seen? (Apart from the kind who think they’ll get away with it blogging.)