The Life of Pi – Watch it Or Regret.

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2012)

The previews and trailers you see on the web might be misleading. This is not a fantasy movie, though the book is, but a real story that will awe you, make you laugh and cry in split seconds.


Irfan Khan has done an exemplary job (like he’s been doing without missing a shot right from the Chandrakanta times) along with Suraj Sharma, Tabu and others. I love the fact that there is lot of India in it. You know, not the part of India that is shown in mainstream media, but the real stuff. Kudos to Ang Lee for ensuring it.

Its a gripping story, that will take you on a roller coaster ride. From reality to a dream and back in a beautiful pattern. From emotional high notes to fine CGI craftsmanship to heart throbbing action and occasional tranquil, lazed with some cool trance Indian carnatic music and alaaps.

Watch it in 3D – Highly recommended.

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