The Power of “So”

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2012)

The kind of things you hear on the internet.

Overwhelming. Exciting. Blunt. Fake. Real.

Not necessarily in that order but largely can be classified in to those tags.

Well, let’s for a moment get out of the internet world and talk as in real life. How many times we hear people bragging, meaningless rants, self obsessed promises, vague concerns – things like that? All the time.

At first you smile forcibly and then you begin to think – why in the world?

Well, like it or not that’s how it is and you got to deal with it. How?

Two letters. S and O. So. Let me unveil to you, the power of SO.

Think of the SO as an auto reply button.

Every time someone makes a statement to you, you auto reply.

Example 1: “Hey, this guy on Facebook accepted my friend request! Yay!”

Your reply: So ?

Example 2: A facebook update: “Went para gliding today – what a great experience?”

Your reply: So ?

Its as simple as that. All you got to ask is a simple “SO” and it will work miracles for you.

The fact is that many of us ask it ourselves in the mind. But never bother to ask.

That’s why it should be an auto reply. You would be glad you asked.

But, there are several other factors you got to keep in mind while doing the So reply.

– Keep a straight face.

– Do not pretend.

– Look in the eyes, if the person is in front of you.

– If it’s a facebook update, just reply so and do not add an explanation/question to it.

Trust me, the SO exercise can save your life in many situations than you imagined.

Try it on strangers/people you just met for better results.