The reliance wireless internet data card is just okay

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2008)


When I moved to Chennai, I hadn’t known that there’s big trouble awaiting me.

The apartment that I chose was on the “other side” of the railway track so AirTel would not give it’s broadband connection to me. If I were to get a BSNL broadband connection, I had to apply for one and then ofer poojas daily to the deity and pray that my wishes come true, for the people at BSNL itself could not guarantee when the connection would be granted.

So the next choice for me was to select between two new kids on the block. The Reliance data card and the Tata Indicom USB modem.

I had tasted the Tata Indicom USB modem already from Trivandrum. It gives you a sluggish speed of below 5kbps !!!! And more over since its a CDMA device that wouldn’t have passed the quality checks if not in India, will literally get heated up. I had nausea and other health problems on using the thing so I cleanly ruled out another possibiity and decided to test the Reliance data card.

Here are the happenings on a timescale.

Day 1 – Applies for a connection at their Kilpauk office. I’m overwhelmed by the warmth of their customercare. Offers me a connection in a day on high priority basis.

Day 2 – Card not activated. Numerous calls to customer care but in vain.

Day 3 – Ditto.

Day 4 – Managed to get the lady who offered me the sun and moon on phone. She admits it’s their fault. Connection not yet.

Day 5 – Speaks in a firm note to the manager who promises the activation.

Day 6 – Reference check failed.

Day 7 – More firm dialogue with the floor manager.

Day 7.5 – Issue solved. Data card activated.

Day 8 – Server not found error.

Day 8.5 – Executive says my laptop has a problem.

Day 9 – Had to uninstall my Zone Alarm antivirus to get the firewall break. Connection made.

Day 10 -Success at last. Not a great connection. Good for basic connectivity.

End result of experiment – Lost clients -two.(Due to delayed/lack of email communication)


  • Hei
    I am an IT professional working at Trivandrum.
    I would like to purchase a wireless internet connection for my laptop.
    Could you please suggest me one?
    I have inquired about the airtel USB modem and know that it is not yet been provided all over India.
    My next choice is Reliance or Tata Indicom.
    But from you comment I know that tata indicom proivides USB modem but less that 5 kbps speed!.
    So this should not be of my choice.
    Could you please tell me in detail about your experiance with Reliance datacard like the speed,cost,service etc…?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I’ve used both Tata and Reliance. And from the exp I’d prefer Reliance honestly, not because it’s awesome but like many other options available in India, it’s better from the rest that’s about it.

    Tata Indicom – I had trouble with the device, like the old chinese CDMA handsets, it would heat up on prolonged usage. Speed bad. ~5kbps average.

    Reliance Data card – Pretty good speed ranged from 8kbps-22kbps depending on traffic and timings. I had a problem with the software though. I had to uninstall my firewalla prgrm to get it connected to net. There is a NETBOOSTER prgrm that cmes along, which needs your firewall disabled to connect to the net.

    So, I guess I’d suggest you the Reliance data card.

  • I have purchased a reliance Data card two days back but from the very first day I am not getting the speed which reliance commit to give.
    On day one single website took around 5 min to open a page that too with the pictures pixel break…
    I was told that the network is down at the moment but will up in few min. but from that day till date the speed is below desire level.

    Even the netbooster is not boosting the sites to open…What more I can expect from them…


    I just see your experience in the reliance’s & tata indicom internet connection. Coming November i just planned for brought reliance wireless internet connection to my laptop. But in ur comments the speed is below 25kbps. but reliance they mention upto 3.1mbps. Its true or they just say. If u give some feedback about reliance current usage that help as. And pls tell reliance office in Chennai contact number

    • I was not talking abt the 3.1Mbps connection, when I wrote this post, this 3.1 connection wasnt available. And from my friends I know that 3.1Mbps is just not possible, What I would suggest you to do is take your laptop to any reliance outlets, there is one near the Ayyappa temple in Anna Nagar. Check the speed from your system before buying it.


  • Dear Friends..,
    I am Binodh from Reliance Direct Sales Team(kerala)
    If u want new wireless data card connections pls contact me. After sales service I give guaranty.My mob number is 9387822779.

  • Dear Friends..,
    I am Binodh from Reliance Direct Sales Team(kerala)
    If u want new wireless data card connections pls contact me. After sales service I give guaranty.My mob number is 9387822779 and personal email id is