The Scary house owner at Oberon Mall must be a genius

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2009)


Those of you who might have visited it already are lucky. Those of you who haven’t yet – clever.

If you’re planning to visit this place soon, this post is going to be a spoiler, suspense killer.

First off, I want to congratulate the man who “formulated” this idea of scary house. My clever guess is that this is the same guy who owns the gaming station in the floor above. How did I guess it ? Read on…

The scary house is of course scary. But it might not be the scare tactics that you’d expect at a multiplex/amusement park. Its the same thing as going “ayyo” when someone jumps in front of you around the corner of your house. But a scare is a scare right ?

There is no animatronics / electronic devices / sound effects what so ever that you have heard of in Disney Land or some amusement park. The whole show is run by four-five chaps who plays the ticket guy, scare monsters, sound effects guy and all that. There is a dwarf too, who’s defenitely going to scare you. (Tip: He sits at different places on different days to keep the random thing going. So don’t expect him at the same place twice.)

In fact, the owner of this “Scary house” (as I told you earlier) could be the same guy who owns the game station near by. The reason is that, while he started the game station, with all the gaming devices, he had to pay the highest bill and to counter it, he started the scary house with no lights on. Clever guy.

That’s why I think he’s a genius. He saves on electricity, no production cost,and a marginal maintenance cost. Wonderful idea.

So if you want to get scared, head to the scary house. If you don’t want to, and thinks this kinda stuff is silly, try setting up a home-scary house right in your home, may be when the power-cuts are on. Would be a better scare.


  • gud review man……reminds me of somthin….2 frends of myne visited the scary house and in the middle 1 of my buddy lost her shoe…she said stop and halted the whole thing and went serching 2gethr with the ghosts…..

  • welll am so glad to see this note nd am very very happy to congratulate u on this writing…i hav herd enogh abt this “scray house” nd was so curious to visit it out…thank u so much for such a beautiful note …

  • That was funny. Last week I went to Oberon Mall with a friend and my friend wanted to try The “Scary” House, but as I was not interested he dropped the idea.

  • Hey. Got here from Indiblogger. Good blog. And yeah, seriously. Scary House sucks! Was in fact planning to blog about it myself. Yeah, I echo your point: ‘Those of you who might have visited it already are lucky. Those of you who haven’t yet – clever.’

  • Hey,Boss Scary house is owned and run by a single guy from hyderabad,who owns the IP rights for the concept..the same people who runs the show in all other malls.never been there personally though..din’t know the place was this tragic..!1

    • You should try it sometime Andrine, its fun. I’d say imagine your’e at Universal studios or smthn… after all its all pitch black in there, so it would be easy. But I agree that knowing that its these guys in there doing all the gimmicks, is no fun. 😉

  • God! it was getting too much. I could hear my heatbeat in my ears….the lady was tugging even harder at my hair….Holy cow! we had to get out!….we ran the other way and there lying down on a bed was a man who leapt at us and almost killed us…as we huddled against the wall……….
    Then lots of dead people cornered us and finally we were pushed out…….
    We emerged out looking quite ghastly….

  • Well written. How about writing something about the garbage/sanitary situation in Kochi and the miserable condition of the roads. I recently hosted a foreign investor from Europe, he ran away after he saw the condition of the place. His comments were beautiful modern buildings with filthy garbage thrown all around the place? and no roads leading to them??? Are we that stupid??