To make a difference on the web, Go Un-Typical !

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2012)

Look at this ad.

A very stylish, typical ad you see everyday, right?

And it goes by the rules too.

Call to Action, Green color button, Recognizable brand, Supporting copy…

Makes it the unanimous choice when it comes to a board review on “Which ad will get us the best CTR.”

Well, the thing with the web is that its an ever evolving matrix, creating standards of its own. Trying to create standards on it or learning patterns can help to a limit, but the ones who make it big are the ones who make a difference and create a better experience.

Now, take a look at this one.

How does that look? Not a chance your boss is going to accept it, right?

Well, Ben claims that the second picture got him a better CTR (0.049% CTR vs. 0.137 CTR) than the conventional first one.

It might not work all the time, but that’s the point.

Keep some room for random (I have a disliking to that word, but any ways) untypical, over the top of your head, stuff. They tend to work when they’re entertaining – on the web.

Go Untypical!