Univercell introduces payment on delivery – That’s kickass man!

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2008)

Hope youd’ve known it already.

Univercell – The mobile phone expert (reminds me of Madhavan’s ads) has introduced payment on delivery method of phone purchase, where by you can order any mobile phone online from it’s website here and pay the money once the mobile reaches your doorstep. Cool is it not?

I remember in my early misadventures of shopping online I used Rediff to buy things (and that’s the only thing I used them for..sorry Ajith). And there used to be T-Shirts that were the only things buyable on a “COD” – Cash on Delivery model.

And what a welcome approach by Univercell. I’ve heard from my chennai friends that Univercell has very competitive rates and they have a good variety of mobiles on display. (There are negative votes also) I too checked a few models like Nokia N95 (8 GB) and found the price on higher side.

Have anyone tried this? Or are there any other sites that offer the same thing? I doubt.