Viewing malayalam blogs on Mac with no downloads or font installations

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2008)

Sometimes technology can be frustrating. When I was trying to read some malayalam blogs, that’s exactly what happened.

While some of the showed fonts automatically, some of them simply won’t show up, rather show me only the title in malayalam with garbled text on the browser (I’m on Firefox and Mac OS X).

Doing some Googling, and after installing numerous “tweaks” and “emulators” found this wicked browser that will automatically detect the font (malayalam, chinese and the huge list they have) and display perfectly.

It’s called iCab and you can download it from here. It’s a German website so I guess, it’s made by Germans. Must salute them!
It’s free with a nagging screen as a shareware, but I bought it for USD 25, and I think it is completely worth that money.

Just wondering, who could be the mallu guy who might have helped on this project?


  • That’s great Dinu, so just upgrading to FF3 should do the trick ? Interesting…

  • Binny I even tried that I installed two fonts…well they were intended for Windows so they wont work. I can opt for malayalam from the font settings but it wont show up on the browser just the page title would appear. But this browser works like a charm.

  • @ Mani

    for me, Malayalam was displaying like this and after ff3, it worked perfect …….. but as Binny said, it was on fedora, and a windows x machines

  • I have blog Few of my readers using MAC not able to see the malayalam font. I was using windows before and with out any additions I was able to see the font in Firefox3, IE,Opera,Chrome. Now the same browsers not showing malayalam font in my Mac OS X 6.X. I have to give a simple solution to my readers too… How do we find out what font supporting in windows for this blog?