The new energy in Kerala youth-Vineeth Sreenivasan

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2008)

May be the Internet, may be the Globalization, may be the Bangalore night life loving call center executives, or it may be the real estate money or….it may be the time itself, there is a fresh new wave of excitement in the malayalam youth as never before.
The aged may prefer to compare it with the Abba/Boney M revolution, but there are a few guys today in Kerala who are definitely fresh in outlook, high in spirits and doing things that none thought were possible in Kerala, and that’s far ahead of the Abba/Boney M revolution, which ended in imitating.

I’m talking about the new wave in Malayalam entertainment industry, a bunch of young guys, music directors, actors and even producers who are bringing in the “awe”.

I think the prominent in the group is Vineet Sreenivasan, the son of actor Sreenivasan, who with his charming looks and sharp talent have left people thinking very hard to find a mistake in him. Well, that’s the typical “mallu” attitude, where one does not accept another very easily, unlike Tamils or Telugus.

Keralites will be the best reviewers in the world, cos none can find mistakes as good as them. But these bunch of guys have sustained all that. Vineeth Sreenivasan once did a muslim song number in one of the mallu movies and that got people frowning. Many said that he can’t sing and he got in just because of his dad. But people were destined to say that. Most definitely of the sureity! 😀 We are talking kerala man…So if Vineeth Sreenivasan did a “close to Michael Jackson number” the very first day, people would still not be moving but tight lipped and close fisted. And say..”Hmm…not bad!” So it was normal for them to respond and turn the young guy down. And they did that very well. But Vineeth Sreenivasan was very humble and focused on his talent that he had to come with..not one but a plethora of songs ahead, and he lends his voices for the super stars today. Something that only M G Sreekumar and Yesudas did in the earlier days. (Ah! How happy to see that someone gave them a break!)

Today Vineeth Sreenivasan has a “set career” with movie songs, albums, and even an acting experiment to his credit. The guys has a boy next door look and good talent, so what’s stopping him? Had he been in TamilNadu or Telugu, he sure must have done more than what he does today. But he prefers Kerala to anything I believe.

I’m a fan of this guy, not because he’s the first one I’ve seen singing in Kerala on stage with a “goatee” and a “low waist” but not a Mundu and Jubbah. But he’s original and talented. The guy is here to stay, and he knows to do it best with the Kerala audience.

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