Visiting Oberon Mall at Kochi

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2008)

Kochi was always a preferred destination among friends and family when it came to shopping and hanging out. But clearly, there was the metro life missing at Kochi which is/was surprising. There was only the Bay Pride, marine drive or the Esplanade near convent junction when it came to malls. Well, even they weren’t malls at all.

But now, there’s a brand new mall that’s launched near Bypass junction, the Oberon mall, Kochi. Which I think is the best thing that has happened in the city as far as development is concerned. This one is huge with four-five floors and exclusive shops complete with food court and all that jazz. I happen to visit the place and here are a few snaps.




The mall is only partially occupied right now as only Reliance’s outlets have started with a Reliance Time Out shop which is more like the “Landmark” in Chennai and a Shoe store from them again. A large part is under construction and the grape wine tells me that the top floors is being occupied by Dileep the movie actor, where he is planning a food court. And there are a lot more that is getting ready – a KFC joint, a game station (woohoo), and a lot more.



The whole mall looks more or less like the Chennai City center minus the movies so I’m happy that it’s here. And one really great thing is that it has a well planned parking lot which is THE BEST thing that can happen to a mall in Cochin. You know that in cochin if there’s something that’s got everyone frustrated – that’s the parking space.

Well, do visit the place and see what you find.

(Psst…there’s an even more bigger one coming up at Edapally, Cochin from the Lulu group where there’ll be multiplexes too. Looking forward to it)

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