What brand would Abhinav Bindra endorse?

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2008)

Now that we have a star, one that’s composed, calm and sharp…which brands would buy him? I’m guessing after MSD, Abhinav Bindra would be the next super star in Ads at least for some time. Of course, he’s no competition for the cricket boys…but I think he’s managed to carve out a niche, just like Viswanathan Anand.

What Bindra can flaunt
– His medal of course.
– Calm, poised and sharp nature.
– Sophisticated gentleman.
– The thinker..shrewd look.
– Power play.
– Corporate man (he owns a software firm)

What he should hide
– He’s short, but many are.
– He’s thinking too much.
– Frown..he could smile a bit.

What brands could he endorse? (What I’d like him to be in)
– Sophisticated high-end watches like Omega.
– Clothings and Suits galore…
– Spectacles.
– Premium Cars.
– Hotels and Clubs.

What he may end up doing ..
– Some NIIT like computer courses.
– Spectacles.
– Clothings.
– Boost.
– May be some biscuits..(Remember V. Anand?)
– Watches.

Anything else that may suit him?

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