What can we learn as citizens from the Mumbai attacks

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2008)

The sad side of the Mumbai Attacks and the questions raised.

After almost 36 hours now (while this is being written), over 101 people have been dead and more than 300 injured, 3 top Police officials dead, and a lot more havoc. Now what does all this teach us?

India have been a country who has thrived many terrorist attacks earlier and this attack is different in the sense that Terrorists have dared to show up themselves. As a normal citizen this is shameful to me to have let known the rest of the world that in a highly secure area like Mumbai, nothing is secure and terrorists can simply drive in on a speedboat with heavy loads of ammunition and just break into a seven star hotel. That’s simply outrageous.

simple question. What kind of competency do we award our defense system and intelligence? Is there anything at all as intelligence?

As we all know, the intelligence of a country is in detecting attacks and getting the nation to pre-occupy with measures to counter attack the anticipated attacks. There is nothing whatsoever of this kind known.

Forget intelligence. What is the kind of professionalism and competency we hold in executing these operations? Army arrives 3 hours later and completely clueless about what the hotel is like, no layout plans, nothing whatsoever!

Unbelievable – or you tell me what is the right word to describe the act when two terrorists  escape in a police cab shooting the people around on the roads. And they move to the most secure area in the country with ease and get away with it? I mean, what sort of explanation can we give for these?

Two terrorists aged around 20, boys if I can call them let the entire nation stand on a stand still for almost three days and that too in a place like Mumbai letting more than 100 people killed ? That’s a serious issue.


Politicians – Leeches sucking blood from where ever possible. These folks does not deserve any applause at this moment or ever. They have been as good as pimps, helping none, but themselves.

The losers

Mr. Hemant Karkare, and the other two police men who took bullets in their chest for the citizens of India, and their families are the ones who lost in this battle. For what cause ? Is anyone going to learn anything from it? NO.

We will let the terrorists repeat themselves, proving that they are way smarter than the countries intelligence. Help them giving free advertising, and “hero image”.

Policemen like Mr. karkare will keep losing their lives. Political pimps will keep begging votes in their names and they will attend private parties hosted by the pimps.

But there is a rising happening. In the youth, in the knowledge empowered citizens of India, against the numb politicians, against our own inefficiencies, against our flaws in the system.

There should be drastic changes. In the power folks, in the system and the controlling powers of the country.

New and young powers who will live passionately to fight the risks should rise in to power and the pimps should be avoided and pushed away. India has suffered a lot, she cannot tolerate any more, for she is no second to any other country in the world and she needs to tell that to the world now. All she needs is a better motivated leader.

My middle finger to all those political pimps out there.