What I’d guess to be on the Apple Tablet

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2010)

Well, we don’t even know if that thing is going to be called the tablet or the iSlate as speculated, but however this thing is sure going to be -the-next-big-revolution and here are my guesses about what could be in it.

1 – A device for the family

its probably going to completely change the idea of each one in the family having their own device. it might just bridge the gap and come in as the one device we all share (whether we have separate machines or not)

2 – A computer for the living room

how about carrying your tablet to the living room, watching movies and TV on it, also sipping your tea and reading newspapers while you swipe n flip through it ? thats the tablet if not anything else.

3 – A single device that takes everything media into it

I’m guessing the tablet would be the device that would seamlessly integrate everything media around you. cameras, external hard disks and all that we’d love to use along with together, with wireless keyboards and wifi as never before, it all looks easy like never before.

4 – Mobile computing like never before

I’d carry it everywhere I take, if it looks anything like the one’s seen in mockups and rumor stories. its slick, easy to use and cool.

Can’t hold the excitement, let’s see what comes up. Anyways, I’m quite sure that it’ll live up and out do the expectations, as Steve has always have.