What is KILB (K.I.L.B) ? The Irfan Khan Ad

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2008)

It’s good time for series ads alright? I remember, the first one was “Digen Varma” (for Mango fruity ad), which was big hit during my school days. I personally like all the series ads as they have a “kick” to them.

They take advantage of our curiosity and the natural mouth to mouth publicity reaches a peak before the product is launched. Great strategy and works like a charm.

K.I.L.B-What is KILB?

Now recently, Irfaan Khan is seen featuring a “unknown brand” with the tag line – “Kya apko KILB hai?” Another good series ad, where Irfaan Khaan is seen as a doctor and asking if you have KILB?

I like this guy, he’s got a special way of dialogue delivery and body language – very convincing, which was evident from the “Hutch Kabootar” ads.

Now, my guesses are that this is an AIDS awareness program. Where the idea to propagate is “AIDS does not spread by touching.”

Not sure if there are more episodes in this series coming up, but I think it’s gaining on.

Let’s wait and watch.

Update – ——

Very reliable sources hinted that this might be a Vodafone ad launching their new product.

If yes, what a pity..they haven’t used the online media at all.

But still…what the hell is K.I.L.B ?

Update 2 ————

I think it is “Kisi ki Iphone Lene ki Bukhar”.
Kya aapko KILB hai? Means, do you have the disease of staring/taking/using others iPhone.

KILB choone se nahi phailthi…KILB does not spread on touch. But USE or even SIGHT.

Update 3

Okay, guys! Suspense over. No Vodafone, no AIDS – It’s from Aegon Religare – “Kum Insurance Lene Ki Bimari”