What is your blood type ? I can probably predict your personality

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2008)


Well, looks like many of us would actually be serious about this in the future. Some folks from Japan (particularly women) are bothered about Blood types and even go to the extreme of predicting your personality based on it.

So what will happen to all those bollywood flicks where the hero says –

“Khoon to sab ka lal hota hai” ?

May be the new Warner bros sponsored ones will say something along the lines of

“Khoon to sab ka different hota hai. Jaisa Khoon waisi Kismat !  Be positive ( B+ ) ”.

Well, before jumping into conclusions, there has been no scientific evidence to it. It’s more like a “rumor” from Japan. Keeping in mind all the rumors the Japanese have churned out, this too might go un noticed. But I should accept that this is a well built rumor. Because it’s getting soon popular in the “we are immune to rumors” countries.

Here is the article that threw light on this subject.

(Please ignore if any grammatical errors cropped in my Hindi. Rememberrr I yam from the southh !)

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