Where are all the iPhone lovers in India ?

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2008)

Or let’s say why didn’t you buy the beauty yet ? Is this true?

Let me tell you a little story.

Vodafone had the “booking” started long before the actual release date right ? And this was much “perceived” to be the “strategy to curb the uncontrollable demand” for the iPhone.

Interestingly, I visited the cochin office on Aug 22nd to check how things are heating up. And to my surprise (underline that) the guys were totally confused about the whole thing. They had no brochures, no details and pathetically no clue of the features available on the iPhone. All they had was the data plans to study.

I thought (well from the talked about discussions) that there would be a guy who would’ve been “taught” how to handle a iPhone customer.

I expressed my interest in buying an iPhone (disguise let’s say) and they were indifferent to it.

“Oh..ok sir..pls give me your number I’ll call you back (this guy must be crazy)” – Said and thought the representative.

Clearly, there were no bookings made, no training given to the staff, and it just cemented my guess that this is a case study for “How not to ape a business model for totally dissimilar environments”.

And then the “price” happened. Kaboom! There you go – iPhone in India is history, a failed product.

All those jail breaks and grey market winners out there..salutes to you, you guys are clever!

Check the stats and reports like this one here.

And I wonder where did all the “iPhone supporters” go ? Did you guys get a discount or something ?