Where is Satyams Rama Linga Raju ?

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2009)

Soon after the Satyam saga, there is another story that’s belittling  everyone. Satyam’s director, Ramalinga Raju is missing since yesterday. Mr. Rama Linga Raju had admitted the fraud, and was supposed to serve in office until replacement. But now that he’s found guilty, he could be put in jail for another 10 years.


The Satyams 7000 crore fraud has shocked the nation and the international community.

Mr. Ramalinga Raju’s website which was up until yesterday is gone burst now, and nobody knows what happened. The man, looks like is gone absconding.

Meanwhile, accessing Ramalinga Raju’s website may give you valuable secure server information. Or this is what I found there –


So much for shame and “black marks” for the much hyped Indian IT industry.

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  • in this society so many members did fraud for their own benifit..don’t even think about them.scold the man who survived for the society and for the company..he might comited suicide because of his unfortune company…who cares..we (media especially) want a news to talk about..shame on this society.