Which is the best satellite television in Chennai?

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2008)

One of the things I’m yet to get sorted after moving to Chennai is selecting a good source of entertainment.

In Kerala, I had experience using Asianet Cable TV as well as Tata Sky satellite television. Asianet, as a matter of fact, was good, since it had all the “required” channels and had good customer service. While Tata Sky, (I took it earlier when it was launched) though boasted of DVD quality pictures and everything, did not have all the channels that I required. A monthly subscription charge of Rs.250 and installation charge of Rs.4000 was reasonable for the quality it delivered. I have a cable connection, but the quality is stupid and the channels available are limited.

I hear that in Chennai the SUN network has a new satellite television network, much like the Dish TV, which is cheap(monthly Rs.75 plus taxes!!) and shas more channels. In Kerala the cable operators union have not allowed this network to launch itself. Well, considering that the Reliance Fresh outlet was smashed up by “anti social elements” in Kerala, I think that’s normal. Kerala’s society is not welcome to new ideas and in a way is a very insecure one as it is, I must say.

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 Well, Dish TV is a good one I heard,  not because Shahrukh is endorsing it, but the number of channels are more on it? But why is not everyone talking about it? In my apartment, I went to the terrace to investigate which is a popular one and clearly Tata Sky stood out with a 3-1 domination(1 was Sun Direct). There were no Dish connections at all. So I have to keep that aside, unless someone convinces me that Shahrukh khan is right – wish for more!

So ultimately it boils down to two choices.

Tata Sky  or Sun Direct

Tata SKy – Not recommended. Higher price. Less channels.

Dish TV – Uncertainty on number of channels and price, poor popularity.

Sun Direct – Great price. Uncertainty on availability.#


Do you guys have some recommendations?

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