Who is behind the Pink Chaddi campaign ?

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2014)

It’s sometimes funny watching our TRP driven news channels like NDTV, CNN IBN and Time Now these days. And how they fool the public and get away with it – sad !

I wasn’t very convinced with what they did with the Mangalore incident. When all the people were behind the attackers (which I still believe was barbaric), only very few people actually thought about how the media “leveraged” the “voyeur” aspect that day with the incident while not trying to get to the root cause.

I found a new channel on YouTube called IndianMediaWatch today, which I think throws light with their “untold videos” on such topics as the Mangalore incident. Credible it may not be, but it definitely tries to tear off the TRP addicted news channel journos mask with this attempt.

It’s nice to see such attempts crop up, the motives of which may be skewed but in the drill, reveals a lot of untold “truths”. Watch this campaign video on “Whos behind the Pink Chaddi campaign” and you’ll see what it means.

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