Who killed Soumya Viswanathan ?

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2008)

I don’t think anything made sense of the word “Tragedy” than for this incident. TV journalist Soumya Viswanathan shot dead in her car at the wee hours of 3am in the morning at the Nelson Mandela road of Delhi. Everyone I spoke to regarding this, responded with anger, frustration and disbelief. And more interestingly, soon after the incident, was unfolded a series of events, that can envy any B-grade bollywood movie script writer. Drama, Insensitivity, Anger, Rage, Suspense – all that.

To me, this is a solid example, a torch light that leads to some very shameful revelations.

– Our lives in this country are probably cheap and not the most valuable, except for your family.
– One has to defend, live, protect, survive everything on his own. If you expect any support from the Govt, you are the biggest fool.
– You are living in one of those places in the world, where everything is so good, that they are practically lies.

First off, soon after the news was broken, like many millions out there, disbelief caught me and threw more questions than answers.

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Why a journalist? Where is the missing link?

As a normal civilian, the incident just sent a letter to my brain, posted – “Even a journalist can be murdered, and no one will bloody question. Power is the right,nothing is wrong.”

As anyone would, the first guess I had was that Soumya had enemity with someone, or someone did not clearly like what she was doing.

Interestingly, Headlines Today (where she worked) did not ever utter any background of the event, they did not tell what story she was handling at HT, what was she working late on, and of any possibility enemity. This was shocking to me.

Later on , another channel revealed that she was working on the Malegaon bomb explosion late until morning. Why didn’t HT reveal all this?

HT was awkwardly skewed when it reported her death not mentioning anything about Soumya, what she did at HT, when did she join them, had she reported anything suspicious, anything….. I mean these are general questions people would ask them, had they not guessed it? Or was it deliberate?

Again, when Shelia Dixit (CM – Delhi) stated on TV again to HT, asking “Why Soumya was so adventurous at a place where she shouldn’t have? “, it was more like declaring that “Delhi is the most insecure place in India, you better stick to yourself and as a CM, there is nothing much I am doing here”.

Ridiculous ! How can a CM give such irresponsible comments?

I guess she is probably telling us a similar thing about the bomb blasts – Why are you people going out in public to crowded places where there is a risk for bomb blasts?

There is a lot more questions being asked about the mystery and I’m pretty much sure that the Police might not even come close to the real culprits. I don’t want to let that happen, but that’s what the recent trends suggest me to believe.

As of now, there are a lot of movement supporting Soumya happening, you might want to join them.

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