Why do people advertise charity ?

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2009)

I’m confused. Honestly, I am. Charity probably has different meaning to different people. But at the crux of it, isn’t it all about helping people ? Helping the under privileged ? At least, I’d like to believe so. And mind you, its not a favor you do, in my opinion charity ought to be something we all need to get familiar with. When you don’t get familiar with it, you begin to think that its a favor you do, and “you” become more important than what you do or did. And that’s exactly what happens when someone advertises for charity work. And I hate it.

The world as we see it is full of irregularities. Rich, poor, fat, thin, cool, uncool and I’m someone who finds joy in it. Not because I belong to one class or a sect which is comfy, but the fact that we co-exist despite these differences. We would all take turns to go through being rich, poor, cool and uncool, I haven’t seen anything permanent with anyone. Anyone. Then why do people behave as if they deserve to be getting a pat on the back for helping someone who hasn’t been gifted with what they’ve got ? Its silly. Grow up pls.

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