Why does AR Rahman repeats the first two words of his song?

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2014)


Was listening to a few songs when I noticed a pattern in all A R Rahman songs. He repeats the first word twice in all his hit numbers. Not all of them but plenty.

Not sure if this is a deliberate attempt from the maestro to create a “punch” – atactic many musicians go for these days. Well, here are the songs I found interesting.

– Humma..Humma , Film: Bombay

– Roja Roja , Film: Kathal

– Urvasi Urvasi , Film: Kaathalan

– Rukmani Rukmani , Film: Roja

– Chaiyya Chaiyya , Film: Dil Se

– Uyiraee Uyiraee, Film: Bombay

– Dil se re Dils se re , Film: Dil Se

– Mayya Mayya , Film: Guru

– Khalbali he Khalbali , Film: Rang De Basanthi

– Mustafa Mustafa , Film: Kaathal Desam

Do you see a pattern do you see a pattern? Perhaps you could find more..find more. πŸ˜€

In a recent discussion, A R Rahman was asked this question and he answered in the following way.

Β In some of the songs I do that because we all have a child within us, and it evokes that. And some of the songs are lyrical and they don’t need that thing, but when you want a peppy song, if you do a search, most of the songs have it repeated again and again, until it gets really annoying.

Here is the source.