Why I like your blog.

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2012)

Yes you.

I love it. No, I’m not lying.

If you have been a blogger and have connected with me in the past over social networks or emails, chances are that I’m checking your blog every week. And I never told you.

I don’t see good and bad blogs. Blogs are “knowledge supplements” for me, and they are essential. I cannot see why a blog is good or bad as long as it gives me knowledge. And quite honestly, almost all the blogs that I read regularly keep updating me with it, its more a sweet addiction these days.

And here’s the secret. I don’t want to judge between a good and bad blog anymore. Initially, I used to. With designs, author bio etc. But as time went by, I realized that, judging a blog is a waste of time. Because there are amazing blogs out there with crappy design and crappy blogs with amazing design. So, I’d rather read your stuff before I judge.

And I did. I have over a thousand blogs on subscription and I make it a point to read all of them everyday, dedicating thirty to one hour.

Its amazing how some blogs can inspire you daily. It may not be TechCrunch or Mashable. And in most cases, they’re not the A listers but the information and message they have is so overwhelming. I can probably give you minimum ten examples, but it would be unfair to the next ten, so I’d rather not mention the names.

I have to admit that most of the inspiring blogs are from new comers or low profile ones that can never boast of anything at all – except for their thoughts and the value. I make it a point to scout the internet and subscribe to them. These guys have fresh thinking perspectives that none of the top A-listers have (which mostly go for proven formulas and the same fluff).

Which is the reason why I accept everyone who follows or befriends me on social networks as well. Some times these folks are annoying. For example, there was this student from India who added me on Facebook. Before even introducing himself, he asked me a question that got me thinking for a while that day. It was not a technical question, but I hadn’t expected one like that from a school kid. Had I scanned his profile first and denied being friends just because he was a school kid, I would have missed that thought. That would have been sad for me (not him). Later I came to know that he’s a school topper, a brilliant guy and today we’re great friends.

Another blog I frequent is this “funny” blog from a friend who lives in Bangalore. He writes to his heart’s content every week, and it is seriously good stuff. But there aren’t many readers to the blog. Probably because he has an awful design, or because he doesn’t network with other bloggers. But the thoughts expressed in the blog are often so interesting that I’ve even laughed to myself at office sometimes.

Another one thing that I love in bloggers is the fact that they are fiercely passionate about what they write. Be it a sarcastic taunt to the Government or a blatant shout to the system, nobody does it better than bloggers. On a blog, you read people’s mind, its not what they fake or appear to be in public or on a stage. And that stuff matters.

And I have no words about photography blogs. Be it an instagram blog or a full on slideshow blog, photographers have so much talent that they can amaze you with a picture. Brighten up your day, inspire you with new thoughts in a second or less. Many of the inspirational posts I see are from lesser known folks who upload photos to their facebook or flickr pages. You learn so much from them that there’s no end.

Okay, I had to say this, so I did. Getting late here..laters!