Would Twitter Tastecasting work in India ?

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2009)

TasteCasting is a growing team of socially networked, and social media savvy people that establishments invite to attend a complimentary tasting. In exchange the TasteCasting team broadcasts to their collective network of friends, followers, and linked connections using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, WordPress, Flickr, and more. The cameras, Flip video, camcorders, smartphones and more tell a complete story about the establishments menu, the taste, smell, the recipes, ingredients, the specials, the history and the overall experience.

So, will tastecasting work in India ? Of course, yes if only companies and establishments identify the power of Twitter, and come up with fresh ideas.

Check out the video here, where a pizza shop in Colorado did a tastecaste where popular Tweeters were given free pizza to taste it and wel..tweet about it.