Bing Adds New Feature: Sort Results by Time

Long time coming. Google already lets you sort search results based on time frame. And now, Bing has caught up with the same feature on its search results. We can now search for specific time frames within Bing results. Past 24 Hours, Past week and Past month, are the available options now. Google at the [...]

8 Valuable SEO Lessons from SMX West you shouldn’t miss

So, Matt Cutt’s panel at SMX West (San Jose) is over. It has been so insightful that search marketers are already looking into new directions and strategies for their efforts. Lot of information was shared by the Google Engineer today and here’s a summary of the most important take away points that every SEO must [...]

Understanding Google search funnels – Part 1

Ever since Google search funnels was launched, I’ve been trying best to make sense of it all. At first, it sounded like an amazingly simple and fancy looking dashboard, where you’d be able to go in an find out in nice colored visuals how users “travelled” around your site. But wait, when I actually, took [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Suck Up To Google

Back in 2011, when Google Panda hit, the search industry went berserk. Companies which ran entirely on search advertisement fell flat on revenue, freelance writers who worked 10 hours a day writing dozens of low-quality articles were laid off, hot startups that leveraged content farms downsized to half the size and lot of mayhem caused [...]

What’s the next big thing from Google? A Google watch?

Well, looks like it. And not just a “Google watch” but some more awesome hardware that’s essentially “wearable tech”. If some of the recent patents are to be believed, Google is in the works building some really cool hardware technology that will bring the best of both world’s together. Google’s technology on actual hardware. Did [...]

13 Tips to Make Best Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool – flexible and versatile like it ought to be. But, at the same time, it is confusing, complex and opaque. Now, don’t get me wrong. Google Analytics is probably the best resourceful, full fledged tool available out there for free. You know, there are several paid softwares out there [...]

How To Spot Bad Links Pointing to Your Website

One of the very important metrics that counts in for a Google penalty, especially in the post penguin, panda era is bad links. Bad links comes in all shapes and sizes, no really. Any link could be a bad link if you don’t understand it properly. Which is why its important to look into your [...]

Google AdWords Rolls out New Feature – Enhanced Campaigns

So, Google AdWords rolled out a new feature couple of minutes back called Enhanced Campaigns. Enhanced campaigns will help search marketers have a more sophisticated control over their campaigns, by being able to manage all campaigns that are targeted to different devices at one level. With enhanced campaigns, instead of having to cobble together and [...]

5 Softwares to Create Kick-Ass Landing Pages

Landing pages, oh boy! For an average search marketer, there is no one day that goes by, without having to deal with landing pages. Sometimes tweaking them, perfecting that messaging, adding a tracking code or measuring that A/B test result, there’s always something they pull us into. I’ve been a big fan of landing pages [...]

How does anchor text from links affect SEO

Post Penguin-Panda updates from Google, there has been several instances where over optimization of backlinks, or following very thin and aggressive patterns in links have invited penalties on Google SERPs. One start up website I had worked on earlier lost its ranks due to two reasons, during the Panda update back in mid 2012. One, [...]