Yam Raj, Solar Eclipse, Scandals and Invisible rains !

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2008)

I just spotted some lovely posts from the blogosphere and could not resist linking to them. Am sure you’ll enjoy them.

Santosh Kumar wrote a pretty hilarious post on buffaloes, yamraj, beef and all those threads within. Check it out.

Arun T who’s blog I’ve followed to read on many up to date events writes a small snippet about the soon to come solar eclipse in Russia/China. I bet many of us wouldn’t have even heard of it.

Cris writes a touching post on little girls being abused recently in Kerala and their fate.

This one’s interesting. Keralaviews writes about the “invisible” rains in Kerala. I’m sure we all would’ve thought about it. On one side, Govt. says that there is a shortage of rain, and on another day they open the dam shutters, due to excess and rising water levels. Huh?
I’ve often wondered, if Kerala complains of water shortage, what the hell is happening to TN and Bihar? There’s definitely something that’s missing here.