Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card Review

Have you ever found your square of plastic money simple, boring or unsightly? What if you get the chance to jazz up that boring credit card with an image or design of your choice? The opportunity to design your own card, while getting the best out of every transaction, can be very exciting, right?

Axis Bank Pvt. Ltd. has come up with just this facility in the form of the Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card, which serves all the purposes of a regular credit card, while also allowing you to personalize your card with an image printed on it, chosen by you at your end or from the bank’s gallery of images. Moreover, the cardholder is allowed to customize features and benefits according to their spending and saving needs, which has helped the My Choice Credit Card gain popularity in no time.

Benefits of Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card


  • Personalized Experience:
    With an image printed on it, a credit card suddenly gets a personal touch and delivers more of a sense of belonging than ever before. Axis Bank’s My Choice Credit Card is one such card that not only allows you to personalize your credit card design but the benefits and features too.
  • Highest Security:
    Credit card security is one thing we all are concerned about. In the case of the My Choice Credit Card, however, there is no need for worry, since the card is equipped with a EMV chip and PIN, which makes it completely secure.
  • Cash Back Offers:
    Cash back offers are something that make credit cards much more exciting. The My Choice Credit Card offers you an exclusive 5% cashback, apart from discounts and other rewards on any two categories, which you get to choose. The categories are electronics, utility bills, dining, fuel, travel and supermarkets.
  • eDGE Reward Points:
    On every spend of ₹200 using this credit card, the cardholder gets to earn 4 reward points. They also earn 100 points on the first online transaction. These eDGE reward points can be redeemed for more than 500 rewards and offers.
  • Conversion to EMIs:
    In situation where the cardholder has made a purchase of ₹2,500 or more, a facility of conversion of purchases into easy EMIs is provided.

Eligibility and Application

To be eligible for the Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card, the primary card holder must be an Indian national of 18 to 70 years of age, while add-on card holders must be 15 years and above. The process of application is really simple and easy too, as is the document requirement.

Current photographs, copy of the PAN card, and documents related to income proof, such as the Form 16, latest pay slip or IT return copy, along with the identity and residence proof, needs to be submitted during the application process. Even the joining fees of this card, which is ₹250, is quite nominal, and remains the same as the annual fees for the subsequent years. To add to the benefits list, no additional joining fees will be levied on the add-on cards.

Looking for a credit card with which you feel more connected? Go for the Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card. If you want to chop around for better credit cards, feel free to check out my credit card reviews here.

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