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Mani Karthik here…Thanks for visiting. If you are here for the first time, this page will tell you what you will get from this site, and why we should be friends. Read on! πŸ™‚

I’ve been blogging since 2005. What started as a humble blog has grown to become a helpful resource to many. About 200,000 people visit this blog every month and blogging has made about 22 Lakh Rupees for me (Here’s how).

I’m happy to have helped many people with their life. If you have any questions,Β WhatsApp me (+919895011411).

I’m very shy when it comes to talking about myself, but since many people ask and in the interest of transparency, here are some facts about me and why I blog here.

What’s this blog about?

Initially, there weren’t any readers. It was mostly me and my friends discussing things. But then soon people started noticing and I started to receive comments and suggestions. Some people would add to the content, things that I didn’t know of. Some folks would call me out for some outdated information i posted. Some would just thank me for the info I shared and tell how they liked it. That was the turning point for me.

The feeling of a stranger on the other side of the planet, thanking you for sharing helpful information…the feeling you get when you realize that you helped someone, even though in a small way, was so satisfying for me.

This blog is all about improving your lifestyle – getting smarter, growing rich, being healthy and feeling happy about it. When I started this blog, back in 2005, I used it as a journal of how I did things. Like finding good products, cheaper travel options, good eat out restaurants, how to buy things for lesser prices and things like that. Things that I had a keen interest in.

It motivated me.

I started to write more about things I knew, I learned and what people wanted to know. In one way or the other, my intention was (and is) to help people out. This is why I started blogging.

Today, I write about everything that I learn and experiment with. Personal finance, Technology, Life hacks, Health… anything that’ll help us upgrade our lives a notch or two, goes in. Sometimes I goof up. But I’m happy to be sharing all the learning with folks like you. I know someone’s making use of it, somewhere.

Mani Karthik Blogging Story

Who are you?

Little bit more about me…

I’m a blogger and marketing/tech guy by profession. Originally from India, I lived in California for most of my career. I returned to India and runs a startup on my own. Having lived in 3+ countries, I’ve helped many companies small and big in USA, India and the Middle East help build their brands online.

Why blogging?

Blogging is my passion. Like I mentioned above, I find the idea of sharing with the world, your thoughts and opinion, amazing! It’s like being on the world stage and the whole world listening to you. Being a 90’s kid in India, I’ve been fortunate to have seen the growth of technology. From those clunky CRT monitor desktop computers to the touchscreens of today, we’ve come a long way. And like many in my generation, Technology has been a crucial part of my life and growth.

I recall those days where you had to pay Rs.250 for an hour of Internet at the kiosk (Internet Cafe, as they are called) at my home town in Kerala. I used to be one of those kids who got excited by the sound of modem dialing up for the internet. The internet has always amazed me with its possibilities, right from day one, when I signed up for a Eudora Mail, to this day on Allo. It never ceased to excite me. I started playing with it in hand coded HTML and stuff (remember geocities, lycos etc?) and it has been a natural progression thus far. Blogging happened along the way and I’ve stuck with it ever since.

I believe that blogging and social media can be put to good use, by sharing the information you know and helping others become better people in their daily lives. This blog is the validation to that idea.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at hi@manikarthik.com or WhatsApp me at +919895011411. I’m also on Facebook, if that’s your thing.

Do you take money for recommending products?

I try to keep recommendations and suggestions on the articles organic and honest. I never try to promote a brand just because they paid me. I do give companies opportunities to reach out to the audience on this blog by sponsorship and advertisements etc. But I never let them mess up the genuine recommendations. If you see an Ad, it will be marked as one and spaced out from the genuine recommendations I have.

How can I trust you?

You shouldn’t. Not me, or any other recommendation on this or any other site. My aim is to give recommendations towards your research and help you make the best decisions. I try to be honest as possible with my recommendations. This blog and the content on it is an honest attempt to help those looking for information about topics that I am knowledgeable about and in no way is the final word on anything. Please use your judgement wherever necessary. You are free to cross check any information you feel is wrong and debate me on it. I’m very approachable and transparent about it.

How much traffic does this blog get?

About 150K visits every month (as of Sep 2020). People from all over the world visit this blog, and most people are from India and USA. Drop me an email if you need stats. You can also check Alexa which gives a rough estimate (indicative figure, not accurate).

Can I contribute to you blog?

May be. Depends on how passionate you are about helping other people. Let’s talk and find out.

Can we be friends?

Sure thing. I love meeting new people and helping them. You can either email me on WhatsApp me on +001-408-489-4895. (Please include an intro, so I know who you are πŸ™‚ )

Can you advertise on this site?

I you have a product or service that you’d like to introduce to my audience, feel free to. Please email me with your offer at hi(a)manikarthik.com.

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  1. Wonderful…I am 58, not a blogger, but a reader and want to share my experience and knowledge with present day kids and want them to be on their own…I live in Chennai and my 2 sons are in Houston…Would love to meet and spend time with u to discuss your interests, enjoy a meal or two (on me and at your convenience) etc etc

  2. Hi mani ,
    Myself Arun from your own native Kerala. I completed my graduation last year and i am passionate in to be a good software developer.
    I am interest to invest my savings in stock market & i wold like to here your opinion .

    Thank you!

  3. Hey I’m a 12th studying commerce student …I’m interested in art n creativity so I want to become an professional interior designer …but idk exact process how to reach my goal …I would be very thankful if u help me out .

  4. Hi Mani, what do you think is a better option between settling abroad and being homeland as a family(Settling in US from India) ? Say not on the money front though!
    Had you taken a decision personally, what are the aspects you think that will benefit doing so?
    Not sure if its a vast topic or if you can give me in points.


  5. Iwant to visit for sight seeing& Mondir darshan at simla, kulumanai, can you please guide me , where to stay & what to see, My journey starts on15 thjuly 2019 from calcutta

  6. Hi – I need some money to be transfered to my son in USA. He is working there and it is for his personal expense. What is the best way you suggest?

  7. Hi manikarthik..
    I want to send money ???? to my friend who is in usa. I don’t know his address. I know only his email id. I have an account in sbi. How much maximum amount we can send at 1time. All my accounts details are in my sister’s hand only. I didn’t do even a single bank transaction to myself in my life till now. How to do this transaction without knowing any other persons(my sister). Is there any online transaction way to send ???? to my friend. Is there any need to know his account number details also.. Please let me know, plz help mee… Plzzzz its must and urgent… Plzzzz

  8. Sir please help me to pay children fees.I need 80000 Indian rupees to pay my children fees I dont know whether its right or wrong but help me nobody in friends and relatives are not helping even they have capacity to help so i am writing this .Sorry if i am wrong.

  9. sir i have checked your blog…….i appreciate for your helping nature
    towards our indian brothers
    im a graphic designer and have much experiences in this field how can i get a visa for USA
    any suggestions …….will be helpful

  10. Unirelo is quite popular with NRI returnees. But SFL and Garudavega is also good. All of them have mixed review so can’t really recommend any one. I suggest you talk to all three and figure out what’s your best experience.

  11. Hi Mani, We might have to relocate to Kerala India in the near future. Thinking of sending a few boxes of used clothes, utensils etc back to Trivandrum, Kerala. Do you recommend any shipping companies? Pick up from home here in the US and door deliver in Kerala. SFL worldwide, Garudavega etc. ?

  12. hi MK, i am a startup youtuber, any advice how to grow on youtube, my channel gives information about travel and food, any advice on how to become full time youtuber?

  13. hi

    Try Vipassana Meditation 10 day course, that will surely help you to deal with addiction naturally.

    I hope you try one day.


  14. Hi Dinesh,

    It is a great pleasure to hear offers from you, hope I will give some flexibility support on your part-time work, am in need looking for some handsome income for the part-time work, will my profile suitable for your work, let me know more about your jobs.
    Thanks in Advance

  15. Hi ! I am building partime a business assset which currently gives me a handsome income. I am looking for partners who are interested and those who have entreprenuerial mindset. Due to the global reach and convenience – I want to search the right candidates using internet. How can I do it ? Can you suggest me various options and procedures. Thanks

  16. Hi! Debasish,
    If you are interested, let me know your contact no. and email, so that I can personally communicate with you regarding the project.

  17. Hi ! I am building partime a business assset which currently gives me a handsome income. I am looking for partners who are interested and those who have entreprenuerial mindset. Due to the global reach and convenience – I want to search the right candidates using internet. How can I do it ? Can you suggest me various options and procedures. Thanks

  18. Dear sir, Please help to get job in USA. It’s possible to get job in USA. Am a mechanical Engineer. Am waiting for valuable answer

  19. Hey Vanya,
    Sorry to hear about ur addiction..Only you can deaddict your self ..Think that the next dose you are going to take is going to kill you..Think that if you take it again you will feel like taking it again and then again and then again..you need to stop this happening ..Right?If so just don’t go for it.
    Only you and only you can help yourself..no rehab will b able to help except your thinking.

  20. Hi

    Life is not meaningless. It’s our brain which tries to put labels of meaning. This is just a conditioning arrived from our past memories.

    I think life is living. Living itself is highest meaning or reward. Look at a flower which blossoms for a day with full energy and passion.


  22. Hi
    I just finished your article about suiciding, it was good but can you tell me why i must continue my meaningless life?!

  23. If MK don’t mind i would like to reply this.

    It’s because you haven’t seen you properly. And its very hard for an outsider to intricate and find your talents.

    Let me tell you one thing, Nobody have in-born talents, once you started following your passion or dream automatically your talents will come out.

    Eg: If someone dream is all about buying a car. He will obviously work hard and try to make money from every sources available for him. right?

    It doesn’t mean that the talent is something like singing, acting, dancing etc…

    Everything lies on your eyes. The ways you see the things.

  24. Dinesh, I love the Surface Pro. If I hadn’t bought the Macbook Pro at that time, I’d have bought it. It’s in so many ways better that Mac in my opinion. And yes i7 all the way. I hope you buys one. Let me know if you did. πŸ™‚

  25. Hi,
    My name is Dinesh, Senior Executive in PSU. I am planning to buy Microsoft Surface Pro. What do you recommend, is it good buy and if yes whether on should buy i7 with 256 GB or i5 with 256 GB. What is your candid recommendation. Is there something better or comparable.

  26. Hi Karthik (my best friends name lolz)

    My name is Vanya and I am a Russian living in India, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry for 21 years (my age is 23). I have extraordinary addiction to Opiates, mainly pure Morphine for hospital use. I comes in vails 30mg/ml 10ml vail. I inject about 4-6 vails a day for about 7 years and my life is slowly falling apart. I could only find rehabs for alcoholics. No1 understands the pain one gets stopping 1.5g of PURE Morphine a day. I can’t taper down, I tried that many times and failed miserably. DO YOU KNOW ANY DE-ADDICTION CENTERS IN INDIA THAT CAN HELP ME. Like with Methadone or Buperenorphine or any other opiate substitutes that can help me. THE ONLY REASON I’M NOT DEAD YET IS BECAUSE I INJECT ONLY CLEAN PHARMA DRUGS. I will never inject something into my veins that i bought on the street so I’m pretty healthy but i need a deaddiction center that deals with Heroin/Opiate addiction. Please reply!! P.S I’m also on a huge dose of Xanax [20-30mg/day].

  27. Yes there are. Most reputed companies allow international transactions. But keep in mind that there might be additional fees on each transaction based on which card you have and its features.

  28. Hi Mani Karthik, wondering if there are any credit card that lets you use globally for an NRI? Thanks & kind Regards, Chaks

  29. Hi Mani,
    Great to C ur blog and the way u have developed your interest into passion.
    Well i m working with ONGC as a Fire & safety professional.
    I wanted you to find out some good and beneficial training providers in US
    who can train Fire professional (Fire protection engineers) for Oil and gas industry.
    Also some good conferences around US like NFPA . Our company is in the verge of hunting some institutes or conferences .
    The same should not exceed more than 2 Weeks


  30. Nitish, I suggest you get T-Mobile. Their reception isn’t that great, as in when you travel around there might be fluctuations but their international calling bundle is good enough to call India. Now, if you can invest in an additional line, I’d suggest going for Vonage.

  31. Hi MK,

    I was looking for how to write lyrics for a hindi song and i found your article which was helpful so thank you for that.

    Now I have another problem which is to use my lyrics in melodies I have in my head.

    Please know that It has been two years since i started learning Indian Classical music just to write melodies i always had in my mind but i am still not able to note them down so i thought if i immediately put lyrics on those melodies i can stop those melodies, vanishing from my head and write down on my book, so could you please help me on how to put down poems i have on melodies i have in mind.

    Any source of help would be good.


  32. Dear Mani,. Hi

    I have just landed in NY city I am going to live here for at least two years while pursuing my course.

    I just wanted to know which mobile plan should I get so that I can get Max data and calling time to tak to relative in india.

    Kindly suggested.


  33. Hi myself Deepak im 24 years old working in automobiles sales field , i would like to hear the reply for question it will be useful for me also. thanks in advance.

  34. Dear sir

    Can uu just pls help me I want to buy apple 8 plus 256 GB from USA but without customs so whenever u come to India pls bring that for me I will pay u the amount

  35. Hi Karthik,

    I’m looking for one to one training institute for IELTS – General in Chennai.. Can you pls guide me on this?

  36. I Have Just loved your Blog ,and it is very keen and crystal clear clarity, the design and Font & coming to the matter is Basically i am up coming Film maker i need a small help from your side is ,i NEED PASSIONATE MUSIC Directors where can i find Those people please attach a link that which helps me
    and make a Step forward , I HOPE TQ

  37. Hi Mani, I will be visiting Chennai for one month and would like to get cellular data connection (pocket wifi) to pickup my emails and do some FaceTime. I am a foreigner. How can I get the device and cellular connection? How long would it take? What if I want to travel to another state? What can I expect to pay and who is the best cellular provider? Thanks man. Appreciate your help and direction. Also, will I be able to access my gmail? What is the best vpn software to use in India?

  38. hy sir am dev from jalandhar i need to know,,, can i get lone of 3 lakhs for study abrod,, if am eligeble then please tell me

  39. i want 8 lakh rupees for my younger daughter to do an online masters degree. i want to send my son to usa for aeronautical engineering which costs 60 lakhs, and my elder daughter for doctoral studies in U.K. which is going to cost another 80 lakhs. I have property worth 6 crores in my name for collateral security. From where can I get education loan to finance all the above courses with the same property as collateral security? I want the repayment period to start after one year of passing out from the course. Please advise

  40. I don’t know why but when I look at your photo it reminds me of my younger brother who is a doctor and works in United Kingdom. Therefore I want you to be my second younger brother, if you don’t have any objection.

  41. I am a Banker. I need an unsecure loan of Rs 7.00 lacs at Kolkata repayable in 1 year. Strictly from private source as my CIBIL is poor due to ongoing dispute with SBICARD

  42. If you can provide collateral, most of them will provide good competitive rates. I hope you have your credentials to back up (marks etc). I recommend SBI.

  43. Hello Karthik

    This is Manjula , May I know which are the banks in India providing education loans for less interest . I need loan for about 5 lakhs.

  44. Hello Karthik.
    This is Vignesh Ravi from India.
    I’m interested in taking UPSC classes.
    I just wanted to ask from where have you collected this data and arranged the rankings of the coaching centres.
    And Suggest Any one of the best institutes for coaching

  45. Hi Mani. I need help to buy a credit card which enables good discounts & redeem points. Basically I need it for shopping, watching movies and travelling. My monthly income is about 32000.

  46. Hello Karthik.
    This is Vinay Mahajan from India.
    I’m interested in taking IELTS and GRE classes.
    I just wanted to ask from where have you collected this data and arranged the rankings of the coaching centres.
    And is GRE EDGE class good?

  47. Frankfinn is a comparatively better option but again, it’s a franchise business, which means that the quality depends on how your local franchise is set up. I suggest you visit them to find out more.

  48. Hey kartik this is Nimo
    I really want to join air hostess academy I want to join in Frankfinn
    Is it good option??
    Tell me plss

  49. Hi i am Rajkumar and i am 29 years got 8 years of experience in automobile sale and in BPO industry. I want to take my MBA degree in marketing and wanted to in regular college for two years. So is that right decision.

  50. hello Mani
    hope you are doing good,Basically i am an automation engineer & doing great job here,in india.
    i like your transparent blogging. i will also join forum.

  51. For becoming air hostess, can we do polyechnic in travel n tourism after 10th??
    And then what shall i do/ which courses r there for it?
    help me regarding this mani sir..
    else i m ready to discuss this on email chat..

  52. Hi karthick,

    Hope you are doing good? I’m a student pursuing Engineering . I’m in the last year of my studies . I wish to join an NGO . I have no experience in the past .Could you please help me in the procedures .

  53. My son has completed his 12th and he is willing to do something creative in his career. do advise me few courses so that can sketch something for him. he is interested in acting and cinema work where he learn practical work and can groom better.

  54. Hii,
    I’m Nitin
    Actually I’ve passed 10+2 last year and I’m and I was confuse from last year that what course I’ve to do for my AIM ….
    can u please suggest me what course I should Opt for being the part of game Industries actually my interest is in making animation on computer and adding visual effects in the video. I’m not interested in making animated caractors through hand on a paper but ya on computer. It is not that I’m not good at drawing and all but not interested.. I love computer…
    I usually use Hitfilm express 4 and would like to use this type of software for my future and when It come that u have to do programing I’ve have concept and design u have to just program it for making it move or somthing like that I’m interested in this too..

    From my above para u might have got Idea about me that how confused I’m ..
    so, please help for finding college and cousre name because I don’t wanna waste more years….pls…pls..

  55. Hallo sir! I,Manish Sharma from varanasi india, want to know about ANIMATION INDUSTRY, and there schope in details. ( including 2D,3D, Top college’s in india & USA and there fee, in details).&what type of corse is avalable for them.AT prasent I purching gradution with CS.

  56. In yr blog you have not considered immense burden put on NRI for transactions outside Net banking. Banks like ICICI provide lot of services thro net banking but have very poor customer services. For ex a FD taken out of my NRE account has been wrongly credited to my NRO account. This error which ought to be corrected by phone banking has taken more than 3 mon and not yet resolved. I suggest you also discuss following
    1. repatriation of money from NRO account type of doc sought
    2. remittance from NRE account Banks like Kotak, HDFC, yes Bank do not provide facility of remitting online
    3.ease of closing of PINS accounts
    4. Attitude of Bank Customer Service Officers to find solutions to Grievances and use feedback from Grievances
    I can send a detailed note what ails Indian Banks

  57. Hello Mani,

    I wanted to learn Indian stock market ( all terms , how to and where to invest ) from very scratch , any useful resource ?

  58. Hello Karthik

    I was looking for online Radio which gives me India & USA Radio channel, very happy after looking your blog and found that, Thanks alot for providing this.


  59. simply i was sitting at office …doing nothing ,felt to do something ..i saw Ur Blog..something i felt interesting …good one …having problems let me meet u in whatsappp. thanks for everything

  60. Sir;
    I was operate a operation of my dad of neuro right side brain on 13 Jan 2017 but now also operation second time because of first operation in their right side brain hydrocephalus named disease is developed then shunt is injected on him now there is no change of this disorder please help me sir quick what can I do now???

  61. Hi I am shankar I was working on cruise ship for 8 years they send me home.on medical now they dont want me to come.back on cruise ship as they are just offering me $10000 only as a compensation

    Which I dont agree so online I met a attorney who lives in miami and said me she will help me but she has given lot of documenyt to me to sign before she starts the case
    So if u really wanna help me or share your knowledge to me I will be very happy
    So.Please.send.me your email.address

  62. Thanks Mani. I just read about TOFEL and its quite detailed.I like it. Which one is better if i want to do it online? Also, its good to see your many feathers of knowledge.Rare piece :).

  63. Hi Mani,

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for some education loans. I must say it was a great help. very clearly described in immensely simple language, which will help a bigger lot to understand and proceed.
    Your efforts are absolutely in the right direction and without further ado, I’m following you everywhere. You are an inspiration for all the youngsters.

    Keep writing and keep shining!

    Warm regards,
    Nav πŸ™‚

  64. Thanks you Sachin Sir, Glad to have met you. It’ll be my pleasure to have you around. Please do join the forum where I’m sure you can provide insightful answers to questions (esp the Education related topics).


  65. Dear Mani Sir
    I like your blog. Some how landed up on a page discussing the RUPAY card. Thenended up reading many entries. Keep up the good work.

  66. Hi, This is Boopathi (icanboopathi@gmail.com) from Erode, TamilNadu, INDIA. Presently i am working in pvt ltd company. My aim is to start systemized, best export company. Last month itself, i started my works towards starting my export company. I am new in this field of export. I want to do it happily. Can you help me to do my export best around the world?

  67. You cannot deposit Rupees from income made in India to NRE account. For example, if you have a house given out for rent, you cannot deposit the money to your NRE account, it is only used for remittance from abroad. Such situations, you will need an NRO account.

  68. Hi, I want to open NRE / NRO account and after looking at the account description in your blog, I have 1 question. If interest earned on NRO account is taxable compared to non taxable interest income in NRE account, why someone will open an NRO account? Even though, I am travelling for few years only, isnt it advisable to open NRE account only?

  69. Hi Mani Karthik,

    Could you please suggest me any good internet plan with better price only for 2 months. I am going to visit ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) thus i need wifi internet

  70. Hello karthik sir,
    Let me introduce myself am Aditya bhatt from Ahmedabad. I have complet graduation in this year,but I have intrest in moovies directions, So can you help me???

  71. Many Thanks karthick .
    My warm regards and appreciation towards ur blog and to your thoughts.
    Thanks for giving a push to me to think differently ….
    Will contact u sooner for some queries and ideas .

  72. Hi karthik,

    Gone through your blog its really great and helpful for many of us. I thank you personally for sharing your knowledge and helping people.

  73. Hello Kartik.

    Me Anup singh from north India currently working in Los Angeles. I just came back from India before demonetization and I have 6000 rupees (in 500 and 1000 notes). I am puzzled how to exchange these notes. I tried western union and other services here in Los Angeles but nobody willing to exchange that currency because of change. I want to know how I can exchange theses notes. I do not have any plan to go back to India until October 2017. Please advice me.


  74. hi karthi
    i have just stumbled upon your blog.
    quite interesting.
    you are a goodhearted person.
    my sincere appreciation to all your efforts.
    you are pride of our nation.
    long live.

  75. Hi, this is Varsha Darshini Jain. I am amazed by seeing your helping side. This blog is quite useful for me in many ways.

  76. Heh Karthik,

    Juz came across your blog and your profile . Its’ all been intersting n very useful . keep going . Cheers!

  77. Hi Karthik,
    I am Post graduate with around 3 years of work experience,planning to do a certificate course,can you help me finding out banks giving loan amount of 50000,(father retired govt employee)cant provide any security.thank you

  78. I am really inspired you , i am priyanka choudhary , live in india at rajasthan , i want to become an air hostess and now i need to information and knowledge i ‘ve completed gradution 2nd year and perusing last year

  79. Hi friend
    Let me introduce myself am shiva from tirunelveli now am working in Chennai I am very passionate about cinema I would like to act in tamil movies can you help and guide me

  80. Gone through your blog. Thank you. My brother is suffering from brain tumour.(recently detected ). Interested in getting treated in my country i.e. India. Please have your expertise advice.
    Subir Bissas.

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