Axis Bank NRI Services Review

With an increasing number of Indians choosing to go abroad in search of better job opportunities, Indian banks have started providing focused services for NRIs. For instance, Axis Bank recently launched Axis Bank Priority Savings Account, which offers 15% rebate on various cafés and restaurants in more than 70 cities in India, says an article on Moreover, it offers a daily cash withdrawal limit of ₹1 lakh.

Here’s a list of some important NRI accounts offered by Axis Bank.

Axis Bank NRE Savings Account

An NRE savings account is a great choice for depositing your earnings. It offers many benefits, including tax exemption on interest, free accident cover and secure mobile banking services. You can earn 3.5% annual interest on your savings of less than ₹50 lakhs and 4% annual interest on your savings of more than ₹50 lakhs.

Axis Bank NRI Prime Savings Account

With easy international movement of your funds, the NRI Prime Savings Account is designed primarily for providing smooth global transaction for NRIs. Its attractive features include various access points, large branch network and a Titanium Master Card, with high withdrawal limits.

Axis Bank NRO Savings Account

For convenient and hassle-free global transaction facilities, the NRO savings account is a great choice for NRIs too. It provides easy operation even in your absence and free iConnect facilities. You can easily transfer your funds through various modes, such as foreign currency, demand draft, traveller’s cheques, etc. It also offers free accident cover of up to ₹2 lakhs on the debit card.

Resident Foreign Currency Account

If you are planning to return to India and want to retain your funds in foreign currency, the Resident Foreign Currency Account is a smart choice. It offers easy repatriation of funds, joint accounts, higher flexibility, ease of operation and options for holding your funds in multiple currencies.

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Axis Bank Mariner’s Account

The perks of having a Mariner’s Account are many. It offers numerous benefits, such as free accident cover of up to ₹3 lakhs, free Forex card, multiple discounts and more. Also, you get 75 paise more value than your existing card rates when you send money to India.

Axis Bank NRE Salary Account

If you visit India frequently and stay for long periods of time, the NRE salary account is an ideal option for you. With high transaction limits, the NRE salary account provides various other benefits, such as multi-city chequebook, international debit card, etc. Moreover, it offers free accident cover of ₹2 lakhs.

Customer Opinion

Many account holders say that they are quite satisfied with Axis Bank’s internet banking services. However, some customers have reported a dissatisfactory experience with Axis Bank’s NRI services, saying that the Digital NRI team of the bank is not as efficient as they claim to be, says an article on  Also, the same customer has provided 1 star rating for phone banking, internet banking, ATM availability and customer services.

Before opening an NRI account, conduct thorough research on the features and benefits offered by the bank and compare the charges and rates with other banks. This will help you make an informed decision.

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    Adding a joint account holder to my NRI account with Axis Bank is a nightmare. They don’t know the process and keep adding more requirement everytime and is ongoing for 3 months

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