How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency from India

With globalization being one of the top rated themes across the entire world, many people plan to move to other countries either for studies or immigration. Canada is one of the most ideal countries to migrate as Canada has immense career opportunities, supports diverse cultural activities and easy policies for immigration. There are various immigration processes that can help you in achieving a Permanent Residency Visa for Canada. Let’s take a look at few.

Why immigrate to Canada? Benefits for Indians

The Maple Leaf Country has some of the best benefits for their immigrants which you can definitely enjoy.

  • You are eligible to enjoy equal legal as well as social rights of Canada.
  • There are no limitations to travel around the country.
  • If you have kids below 18 years, you can arrange their admission in any national public school for free education.
  • There are innumerable Child Tax Benefits.
  • You can enjoy the rights to have Canada Pension Plans for the security of old age group of people in your family

Immigration process to Canada

To start with, you need to have the following set of assessments ready before you start your process for Permanent Residence Visa. You are basically based on Education, English/French Language Skills, Work Experience, Age and other related factors. You are assessed on points-based system where each level is granted a set of points. Once you are ready with your static points, you shall move to the assessments that can boost your rank and score. Maximum the points, maximum are the chances for you to rank.

  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
    An assessment that shall prove that the level of education that you have acquired is equivalent to the degree you could achieve in Canada.
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Scorecard
    You need to make sure that you only appear for the General Training of IELTS and not for Academic – It is an English assessment where you are tested on the basis of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking where the minimum band score for the entry is 8, 7, 7 and 7 respectively.
  • Sufficient funds reflected in your bank account
    This is mandatory as the government should be convinced that you can take care of your finances if the employment is delayed. This section can be waived off if you are moving to Canada from India with a job offer letter in hand.Other visa related documents, if necessary.

PR & Immigration Programs to Canada for Indians

With the documents ready, you need to now understand the different categories to attain Permanent Residence Visa in Canada. There are 6 types of programs to choose from –

Skilled Immigrants Program (This program is also known as Express Entry)

This program is further divided in three sections – Federal Skilled Workers (foreign workers who have a professional experience in their fields), Federal Skilled Trades Program (for people with skilled manual work experience) and Canadian Experience Class (applicants who are based in Canada and own a professional work experience).

Here is more information on how to start applying for this program.

Sponsorship Program

You can sponsor your friends or relatives if you are a citizen of Canada and are above 18 years of age. The relative can be your spouse, dependent child/adopted child, common-law partner or conjugal partner and other eligible relatives

Start-up Visa

This program is basically for start-up businesses. You shall need an investor to lookout for your business. You need to get yourself assessed with language proficiency requirements, get support from the related organization for your start-up and have required amount of funds. Click here to see if you are eligible.

Provincial Nominee Program

Here, you need to apply to the preferred province of Canada. The province shall then assess your file based on your plans for staying in the province and the requirements fulfilled with the immigration system. You can even apply to IRCC which is Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

For both the applications, you are subjected to pass the police verification and medical examinations. More details here.

Self-employed Persons Program

The selection for this particular program is made up on language, experience, education and age. You need to also opt for security, police and medical examinations/

Quebec Skilled Workers Program or QSWP (This program is or entrepreneurs or investors)

Apply to Quebec for Permanent Residence and get a certificate of invitation from them.

Get your QSC (Quebec) certificate and apply for IRCC.

Details here

How to immigrate to Canada?

Once you are through with the selection of the programs and meet the basic requirements, you are eligible to now gain a Permanent Residence Visa in Canada. After you fill the necessary applications, submit relevant documents, pass the police and medical tests along with language assessment and pay the fees stage-wise, you are subject to receive an ITA which is also known as Invitation to Apply for PR Visa through any of the programs.

There are various consultancies that can help you with the entire process from scratch. However, you have to avoid being scammed with fraudsters here. To be on a safer side, you can directly have all the necessary information on the Canadian government site,, which can guide you for citizenship and immigration or visit and study in Canada.

It is fun to go abroad and learn their tradition and culture. However, it is equally important to respect the processes they follow. Always make sure that you take a direct approach in any of the procedures that they have put forth. Respecting their rules will in turn make them respect your country and your file of application. Understand their guidelines properly and the necessary assessment structures. It is always mandatory to take few precautions than being hasty and getting the file rejected for no reason.

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    I looked everywhere for the requirements for applying for a Canadian permanent visa. I’ve learned how long a Canadian visa will Finally, it is now clear why it is important and how to apply for it correctly. I learned, “What are the advantages of Indian immigration to Canada?” and we need to wait to get the visa because it will take a long time. After reading this article, I now know all of these things. Thank you for answering all of my questions. Keep sharing. 

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    Actually on paper it sounds terrific, but white collar profession immigrants dont get a job in their specialization in Canada, they either end of doing low end job or remain under/unemployed. In addition Canada reduced immigrant intake in professional categories, seems due to this problem. So all this process is of not much use to white collar professionals.

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