Choice America Travel Insurance Review

ChoiceAmerica is one of the leading travel insurance plans, and one that you will often come across while looking to buy travel insurance.

Along with Patriot America Plus, it is one of the most sought after plans. In this article, we’ll review Choice America’s travel insurance plan in detail.

ChoiceAmerica, like Patriot America, is a limited coverage travel insurance plan. It offers basic travel insurance coverage to non-U.S. citizens traveling to the United States, Mexico or Canada. If your Indian parents are looking to visit USA, this is a good plan and here’s why.

Being a fixed benefit plan with travel medical benefits, ChoiceAmerica is a well balanced travel insurance plan. It offers both travel insurance and by features, medical insurance for visitors to USA, Mexico and Canada.

Under Choice America’s medical coverage, policy holders can visit any Doctor or hospital of their choice. Medical coverage in ChoiceAmerica includes outpatient treatment, in-patient treatment, ambulance services, emergency medical evacuation etc. Choice America Insurance covers short trips usually between 5 to 364 days.

ChoiceAmerica Travel Insurance Plan Summary

Type of PlanComprehensive
Administered ByIMG
UnderwriterSirius International
Min. Coverage5 Days
Max. Coverage364 Days
Coverage AreasUSA, International
For Visa TypesB1/B2
Available forNon US Residents, US Visitors
ProviderFirst Health
Restricted StatesNone
Acute On-Set of Pre-Existing ConditionsCovered

Is ChoiceAmerica a good travel insurance policy?

Yes. ChoiceAmerica is a well balanced travel insurance policy that has packed in many travel and medical coverage benefits. Comparing to other travel insurance plans out there, it is one of the best, particularly for elderly folks traveling to USA, Mexico and Canada. It is one of the best policies for Indian parents traveling to USA.


ChoiceAmerica – Advantages

The good thing about ChoiceAmerica is that it mixes and matches the goodness of other insurance plans and puts them all in one good package. For example, it is a excellent plan for elderly folks with pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are typically not covered by most travel insurance plans.

But in ChoiceAmerica, if any of the listed (not all) pre-existing conditions occur during your visit, it will be covered. Notice that in most travel insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions, only acute onset of conditions are covered. This is a good feature for those policy holders with pre-existing conditions.

Also, ChoiceAmerica is one of the rare travel insurance plans that covers visa denials or travel bans. As we’re hearing more and more visa denial stories at the port of entry/border, it is good to have a travel insurance plan like ChoiceAmerica that will cover those uncertainties.

ChoiceAmerica is also a great travel insurance policy for those going on short trips to USA, Canada or Mexico. It covers injury from adventure sports and amusement park. Also it covers you against loss of a passport or important travel documents.

Who is ChoiceAmerica for?

Considering that it is a limited coverage plan, folks who could make the best out of this plan are..

  • Elderly folks/parents visiting USA, Mexico or Canada for a short time (B2 Visas etc)
  • People with pre-existing conditions.
  • Folks going on short adventure trips.

Is ChoiceAmerica expensive?

Depends. Like I said, it’s a great insurance policy that brings the best of everything. Especially for folks going on short trips like parents visiting their kids in USA, who might go for some sightseeing, amusement parks etc. And since it covers a limited set of pre-existing conditions, it is great for elderly folks as well.

Considering the cost, I think it is great value for money. Being a short term insurance plan, it doesn’t come as costly as other bulky insurance plans.

But there are better insurance plans than ChoiceAmerica.

Alternatives to ChoiceAmerica

A betteer alternative to ChoiceAmerica is PatriotAmerica.

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