Chola MS Travel Insurance Review

Possibly one of the most under-rated insurance products, travel insurance protects you from unexpected mishaps in a strange land that could otherwise not only ruin your trip, but could also put you in a financial crisis, especially if the unfortunate occurs overseas. According to Lifehacker, there are four main areas in which travel/visitor’s insurance provides cover:

  1. Trip cancellation or interruption
  2. Loss or damage to personal items and baggage
  3. Medical insurance during travel
  4. Accidental death or disability arising out of an accident during the course of travel

While all general insurers in India offer travel insurance, Chola MS Travel Insurance plans are a great product that are highly customized, providing the buyer comprehensive security while covering them against various medical and non-medical expenses, including trip delays, interruptions or cancellations, loss of passport, personal liability and more.

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Features of Chola MS Travel Insurance

Available Plans

Other than the basic Domestic Travel Insurance Policy, Overseas Travel Protection Policy and Student Travel Protection Plan, there is a plan specially designed for corporate travelers who need to travel frequently, keeping in mind the requirements of the company. Just like other travel products by Cholamandalam, Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance plan includes emergency medical expense cover, accidental death cover, dental treatment cover, along with the compensation for loss of baggage, passport and other travel documents, permanent total disability cover and personal liability cover.

When buying Chola MS Travel Insurance, customers get to choose from three different covers, Silver Cover, Gold Cover and the Senior Citizen Plan. There is no need to undergo medical health checkups or procedures to procure this travel plan.

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To keep you protected and add to you peace of mind, Chola MS travel insurance plans cover a wide range of expenses. The policy covers any kind of emergency medical expenses incurred due to sickness during trips. This policy offers cashless claim settlements during hospitalization to its buyers.

Depending on the policy chosen, the insurance takes care of the buyer’s evacuation to India as well. It also provides compensation in case of the unfortunate demise of the policyholder, to repatriate their remains to India.

Other coverage areas includes permanent loss of checked-in luggage, aircraft delay for more than 12 hours, any event of theft or robbery and hijack distress allowance.


Firstly, Chola MS insurance plans do not cover for any kind of treatment that is the key reason or one of the reasons for your travel overseas. It does not pay for HIV/AIDS and all concomitant health conditions. The insurance company will not pay for any kind of intentional or criminal activity, including violation of law in a foreign land, drug abuse or attempt to commit suicide. Moreover, the policy will not provide coverage against any undeclared war, invasion, civil war, act of foreign enemies and terrorism.

Turnaround Time for Claims Settlement

In comparison with other travel insurance plans available in the market, Cholamandalam MS offers the most hassle-free claim settlement process, where international travel claims can be made 24/7 at the Cholamandalam MS customer service desk.

Providing coverage up to ₹1,00,000 for personal accidents inside India and up to $25,000 for personal accidents overseas, Chola MS Travel Insurance is a good choice.

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